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Maximize Workforce Capacity with RPA

Robotic process automation enables automation of labor-intensive, multi-step tasks across systems and data sources with no coding.

Kofax RPA 11.2 — Innovation Continues

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Win With Automation

Increase productivity, efficiency and compliance so employees can focus on higher-value work by automating routine, repetitive tasks. Part of the industry-leading Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform, Kofax Robotic Process Automation (RPA) makes end-to-end automation happen.

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Discover the Power of RPA  With These Customer Case Studies

Be inspired with stories of how other companies just like yours are implementing and scaling RPA.

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Automate key digital workflows with smarter robots

Smarter robots

With embedded AI and cognitive capture, Kofax robots extend workforce capacity, applying cognitive services to think, act upon and interpret data.

Connect systems and streamline data

Connected systems

To accelerate workflows and reduce systems disruption, RPA acquires and integrates data into legacy systems and new enterprise technologies.

Build and deploy your digital workforce faster with low code

Faster deployment

Low-code and no-code development enables business users and citizen developers to design, build and run RPA across workflows while increasing ROI.


Why Customers Choose Kofax RPA

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Maximizes workforce capacity and efficiency

Deploy RPA to automate an entire workflow—or just a part. Workforce analytics monitors and optimizes digital worker health, discovers trends, ensures compliance and detects real time problems.

Eliminates errors and improves outcomes

Reduce error-prone, manual data entry and document processing. RPA accesses and acts on information using AI to accelerate outcomes.

Hyperautomates digital workflows

Identify task automation opportunities and rapidly develop and deploy RPA.  Avoid time-consuming and costly coding.

Improves technology investments

Run RPA with existing technology like business process management (BPM) and case management. Use robots within broader business processes to eliminate manual steps.

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How Kofax RPA Can Help

Low-Code Design Environment

Visually recognize applications, screen areas and objects in real time with a modern robot design studio for professional and citizen developers.

Intelligent Document Processing

AI-based cognitive intelligence learns, processes and classifies unstructured document data. Built-in machine learning and natural language processing automates complex document processing.

Automated Process Discovery

Record, map and analyze business processes and applications including interactions via desktop and internal and external applications. Gain insight into existing processes and tasks that digital workers can automate.

Analytics and Process Intelligence

Out-of-the-box dashboards deliver insights on robot operations and system performance. Customize dashboards to analyze employee productivity and identify trends to improve ongoing processes.

Flexible and Scalable Deployment

Easily scale with a stateless, multi-threaded architecture. Implement on-premise or in the cloud.

Robot Lifecycle Management

Git Version Control System (VCS) manages hundreds or thousands of robots, snippets and resources.  Synchronize between different source control repositories like dev, test and production environments.

Intelligent Screen Automation

Robots capture screen images and can locate and identify UI elements such as labels, buttons and text boxes within application environments like Citrix.

Centralized Robot Management

Communicate with virtualized applications and run robots concurrently to optimize scalability and performance.

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