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Achieving Better Outcomes With RPA in Infrastructure Management

Discover how to enhance the inner technical workings of your business with advanced RPA for infrastructure automation.

Fast Facts

Automating Infrastructure Tasks With Ease

With the right solutions, robotic process automation (RPA) for infrastructure in corporate IT settings is a robust solution for enhancing service management within a firm. From ensuring the appropriate IT team member reviews critical tickets in a timely manner to building more versatile networks, RPA solutions offer a clear path to making the backbone of your business stronger and more effective. Through Kofax RPA™, you can pave the way for intelligent behind-the-scenes automation.

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Build Custom Robots

Leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive capture tools to create custom automation workflows built for your business.

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Extend Legacy Lifespans

Streamline manual operations and move data between old and new software with robots that complete jobs in a fraction of the time compared to previous methods.

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Automate Systems Monitoring

Create a digital IT team that never sleeps or makes mistakes. Build robots that automate critical systems monitoring and reporting.

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Enhance Internal Controls

Enhance UAM outcomes and speed up the approvals process with rules-based robots that respond to access request tickets faster than humans.


Using RPA for Infrastructure Improvements

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Automate UAM With Ease

Grant users access to requested tools without human intervention, and route exceptions for rapid approval.

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Rapidly Route Support Requests

Build a better support system to automatically classify and route help desk tickets to the appropriate level.

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Monitor Network Health

Take team members off monotonous network tasks and replace their efforts with robots. Instantly notify the right team member when faults develop.

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Create Self-Healing Capabilities

One of the most exciting RPA use cases in IT infrastructure is using bots to execute well-defined troubleshooting steps to reduce network downtime and fix common failures.

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Enhance Intrusion Alerts

Cybersecurity is a major concern in modern business. Use RPA platforms to implement network monitoring tools that escalate alerts about unusual connections.

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Reduce Manual Workflows

Workers are most effective when they can analyze situations and make decisions, not perform rote tasks. Rely on a digital workforce to refocus skilled workers on more valuable areas.

Key Functions

Using Kofax RPA for Infrastructure

Simple Automation Structures for Any System

A robot-building suite designed with intuitive use in mind makes it easy to rapidly develop and deploy a digital workforce.

Scalable Solutions and Built-In Monitoring

Run thousands of robots simultaneously with high- and low-level oversight on customizable dashboards ready for use right out of the box.

Instant Documentation

Never lose track of how robots work or what they do. Instantly generate documentation for oversight and governance procedures.

Complex Connected Workflows

Build rules-based bots that mimic human screen interactions to swiftly connect processes that take place in different programs.

Intelligent Automation Integration

Kofax RPA is just one element of a broader platform for intelligent automation designed to put your business on the road to a complete digital transformation.

Use Cases

Using RPA Platforms for Infrastructure

Self-Heal With Network Maintenance

By deploying robots to monitor network events and automatically respond to common error-correction workflows, businesses reduce staffing needs while gaining around-the-clock oversight.

Support Technical Staff

IT and the help desk often face an impossibly high ticket volume. Augment this workforce with robots working in the technical infrastructure of the business to route tickets and automate some responses.

Identify Common Failure Points

Use robot operations to gather data about process effectiveness and identify where infrastructure problems most frequently develop in the back end, then strategize to correct common concerns.

Take a Test Drive

Whether you need to digitally transform a simple task or an end-to-end process, we can help you do it.