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Boost Productivity in Insurance With RPA

RPA in insurance transforms tedious workflows into lightning-fast process improvements. Discover the difference that robotics in the insurance industry can make.

Fast Facts


Print functions have long been a headache for office managers and business owners alike. How can your company ensure operational efficiency in this fundamental workflow? With a modern enterprise print solution, you can address critical challenges and enjoy a safer, faster and less stressful way to manage MFDs.

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<p></p><p>Administer MFDs Company-wide in One Place</p>

Advanced enterprise printing software makes it easy to keep printers up to date and ready for each day’s work. Put an end to confusing errors and time-consuming faults stemming from print driver problems.

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<p></p><p>Achieve Uptime Excellence</p>

Dramatically reduce downtime and keep up a steady flow of information between staff. Enjoy simpler troubleshooting and see the overall health of your print ecosystem at a glance.

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Reallocate Experience with Ease

Free up experienced employees from rote and tedious work and reallocate your teams’ most valuable labor to projects that better use their skills, all while robots keep critical data flowing behind the scenes.

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Confidently Achieve Compliance

Safeguarding sensitive data and following established regulations may invite the same human errors as other processes. Automation in the insurance industry provides confident compliance solutions.


What Makes RPA and Insurance the Perfect Match

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Eliminates Costly Claims Processing Data Errors

Use RPA and AI-powered document capture to automatically extract key data from forms and paperwork related to policy claims, eliminating 100% of human data entry errors.

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Makes Legacy Systems Useful Again

Extend the lifespan and value of old investments by centralizing and connecting legacy systems without extensive or complex coding.

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Creates a Better Customer Experience

Automatically put key customer information in front of call center staff and simplify record maintenance with robots that eliminate manual system interactions.

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Collects Claims Data in One Place

Put key facts in front of decision-makers with robots that gather data from claim-related forms and condense it into digestible formats.

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Improves Employee Job Satisfaction

End the most frustrating and tedious task workflows in the office with a digital workforce that functions seamlessly alongside human knowledge workers. Redefine processes for better performance.

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Paves the Way for Intelligent Automation

Use robots as the first link in an automation chain that fundamentally transforms insurance claim processes. Discover how eliminating low-level bottlenecks leads to high-level opportunities for business process automation.

Key Functions

Why Kofax RPA Excels in Insurance

Empowered Citizen Developers

Embrace the versatility of RPA in the insurance sector: put the power to create tools in the hands of those who understand daily processes best. Combine the expertise of a dedicated RPA team with the experience of front-end workers.

Built-In Document Intelligence

Use the power of artificial intelligence to deploy robots empowered with cognitive capture that intelligently processes documents, captures key form information and inputs data into the correct systems.

Tools Built for Scale

Robotic process automation in insurance can help firms to grow and work at greater scales. Document robotic processes so that they can grow with your business.

Intelligent Process Insights

Analyze robotic performance information and process data through easily understandable dashboards. Identify additional opportunities for process changes.

Complex UI Navigation Capabilities

Common robotic process automation insurance use cases include using training bots to navigate legacy systems. Use a simple robot builder to create robotic tools that understand your software.

Use Cases

RPA in Insurance: Popular Use Cases

Claims Processing

One of the most common robotic process automation use cases in insurance is the simplification of the claims process. Putting cleaner data in front of adjustors leads to faster decisions, reducing claim times and boosting customer satisfaction.

Policy Servicing

Automate a greater portion of policy support processes with RPA and intelligent automation tools. Route customer emails to the appropriate team based on context, extract and update data and remove manual workflows from the policy pipeline.


How does your business make decisions about policy terms and premiums? Ensure that the deciders in your business get the facts fast by building robots that retrieve and structure data from disparate system resources.

Customer Support Services

Build robots that know exactly where to find a customer’s information and supply it to a team member over the phone. Put that data at your CS team’s fingertips to enhance satisfaction across the board.

Take a Test Drive

Whether you need to digitally transform a simple task or an end-to-end process, we can help you do it.