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The Industry’s Leading AI-Powered, Low-Code, End-to-End Intelligent Automation Platform

Revolutionize your business-critical operations through actionable insights and data-intensive workflow automation.


Choose the Leading AI-Powered, Low-Code, End-to-End Intelligent Automation Platform

Embrace the Future of Automation with the Kofax TotalAgility® Platform. Combine the latest advancements in Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence to deliver unmatched business efficiency through data-intensive workflow automation. Expand the platform with tailor-made intelligent automation solutions to effortlessly tackle your biggest operations challenges.​

Intelligent Document Processing​

Harness the power of cognitive capture and AI to easily automate the extraction of information from unstructured data, unlocking valuable insights that driving business efficiency.

Seamless Process Orchestration​

Coordinate and manage your digital workflows like a pro by collaborating with users, systems, and data. Automate and streamline your business processes, reduce errors, and unleash your business’s full potential with Kofax process orchestration.

Connected Systems​

Maximize seamless integration across critical business operations, enterprise applications, legacy systems, mobile devices, and more. Streamline your workflows and drive efficiency and productivity to the next level.


The Intelligent Automation Opportunity

Concentrated senior businessman using laptop in lobby and examining report. Serious manager immersed in work out of office. Technology in business concept

Enable the innovator and the enterprise

Empower citizen developers, administrators and professional developers with a low-code experience to solve business problems and scale innovation across the organization.

Two diverse businesspeople smiling while working on a laptop together at the end of a boardroom table in an office

Accelerate work and drive productivity

Improve employee productivity, reduce errors and improve process adherence across your business operations.

Portrait of happy young confident CEO business woman with blond hair in formal clothes looking at camera at office. Successful confident female sales professional at work, smiling cheerfully.

Automate today, scale tomorrow

Leverage agility, on-demand capacity, governance capabilities and security to quickly solve today's problems and still grow and scale to meet tomorrow's needs.


Modernize your business with the power of Intelligent Automation

Recognize Real Cost Savings

Reducing reliance on human interactions in complex processes means realizing cost savings across the board. Faster, more consistent results and less operational friction results in leaner, more cost-effective workflows.

Impactful Error Rate Reductions

Sometimes, even a simple typo can cost a business thousands of dollars. AI-powered intelligent automation eliminates touchpoints where humans can mistakenly introduce errors into data, resulting in cleaner, more reliable results.

Simplified Regulatory Compliance

Guarantee that your business meets regulatory demands with automated systems for monitoring, reporting and escalating compliance issues as needed. Avoid fines and work with total confidence in your compliance standing.

Increase Employee Satisfaction​

Elevate your business with empowered employees - unleash their potential by freeing them from repetitive tasks and unleashing their energy for high-value projects. Watch as happier employees and enhanced productivity propel your business to new heights!

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Transform your customer experience with intelligent automation! Quickly respond to service requests, provide reliable responses, and elevate your brand with quality interactions - the future of customer service starts here!

Futureproof your Workflows

Leverage intelligent automation to strengthen cybersecurity, tackle inefficiencies, and sharpen your competitive edge for a seamless and more secure automated future.

Industry Use Cases

Which Industries Use Intelligent Automation Today?

Abstract picture of glass office building

Banking & Financial Services

Say goodbye to tedious manual data entry and hello to lightning-fast credit card and loan approvals. Stay ahead of the curve with fully automated anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance procedures. Onboard new customers with ease and revolutionize your finance operations with Intelligent Automation!

Photo of hospital exterior


Transform the way healthcare is delivered with Intelligent Document Processing. Free up medical professionals to focus on what really matters - their patients. Automatically capture, classify, and extract vital information from patient forms and securely add it to electronic health records in a matter of seconds. Streamline your processes, improve accuracy and deliver better patient care with the power of Intelligent Automation.

Photo of people wearing headsets in a call center


Speed up claim processing and secure customer information with ease. Unify customer information and claim data across multiple systems to cut down processing times and improve customer service. Break down data silos to make underwriting easier, all while prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Arial timelapse photo of a highway intersection

Public Sector

Transform government operations with automated workflows. Eliminate mismanagement of funds through streamlined payment approvals and efficient invoice processing. Customize solutions to meet specific compliance and data management needs. Streamline data collection with automatic form processing and actioning.

3d rendering point of sale system for store management


Augment your retail opportunities with seamless accounts payable and vendor management. Stay ahead of the competition by streamlining operations and maximizing customer outreach and retention efforts with Intelligent Automation. Get the edge you need to Thrive in a fast-paced retail market!

Photo of side of train cargo cars

Supply Chain

Transform your supply chain management with total control. Eliminate manual errors and delays with automated inventory management, procurement, and invoicing. Revolutionize your processes and unlock manufacturing efficiency with the power of automation. And rest assured, customer security is always a top priority.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering Common Questions About Enterprise Intelligent Automation
No. Rather, artificial intelligence is a part of intelligent automation. Intelligent automation is the intersection between rule-based, relatively inflexible robotic process automation (RPA) with the adaptive learning and decision-making capabilities of artificial intelligence.
RPA plays an important role. The extension of RPA tasks with AI makes truly intelligent end-to-end automation possible. Combined with other technologies, such as OCR, business process management platforms and large-scale ERM systems, smart automation can touch every part of a business.
Some. Proper planning, routine oversight and improvement of automated processes mitigate many organizational risks. Achieving buy-in from key stakeholders and regular employees alike is central to building a new intelligence process with a digital solution. So too is thorough process discovery and proper governance regarding data security. 
Because intelligent automation can affect an entire business process, thorough planning and discovery are essential. Deployment starts with building a foundation of process discovery and basic automation using RPA. Discovery results in recognition of gaps where AI tools such as document intelligence can be a bridge to new and better workflows.
No—not in the sense that most people think. Intelligent automation augments human capabilities, enabling knowledge workers to focus on high-value tasks while AI and RPA do the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

Case Studies

What's Your Tomorrow?

Boston Children's Hospital logo
The beauty of this customized solution is the ease of use for the hospital staff. Working with Kofax has made this process seamless and extremely efficient.
Alex Khayat
Manager of Architecture, Standards and Emerging Technologies
The Kofax RPA robots were so efficient at identifying sales leads that the solution delivered a return on investment before the POC had even finished.
Tayfun Özçay
Kofax RPA helps our teams deliver the responsive back-office services that keep Kemira’s global operations flowing smoothly.
Jarkko Hanhimäki
Senior Manager of IT, Kemira

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