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Taking Advantage of Trends in Business Process Management

Taking Advantage of Trends in Business Process Management

Every business needs to balance two things: productivity and record-keeping. Governmental compliance, accounting considerations and legal protection demand accurate documentation be stored and organized in a way that makes documents accessible when they’re needed. On the other hand, productivity calls for efficient operations and streamlined work functions, such that there’s minimal time spent on projects or systems that are not directly related to creating products or providing services.

Kofax advanced digital imaging solutions, such as Kofax OmniPage, PaperPort and Power PDF, address key pain points related to document management, including document scanning/tagging, digital file organization, and accessibility and collaboration.

Download this white paper to discover how Kofax advanced digital imaging solutions empower businesses to:

  • Effortlessly convert PDF documents between file formats with digital security, and enhance employee collaboration.
  • Employ industry-leading OCR technology and digitize any document, as well as easily search and sort using tags.
  • Scan large quantities of documents within short periods of time without sacrificing quality.

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