Siemens AG

Siemens implemented Kofax Perceptive Intelligent CaptureTM to increase automation of its high-volume accounts payable operations.

South African bank

This South African bank is disrupting the market with an innovative mobile app for onboarding customers, driven by Kofax capture technology. By enabling customers to apply for an account on the go—without having to visit a branch—the bank has increased new account openings by 50 percent, growing market share and boosting financial inclusion.

Leading global insurer

This global insurer used Kofax solutions to develop a mobile app that allows corporate plan members to submit their insurance claims, find the nearest clinic and compare treatment costs—anywhere, anytime. The new solution cuts claims processing time by 50% on average, and will give the company a valuable competitive advantage in a crowded insurance market.

Regional US bank

This bank is making it quicker and easier for customers to open new accounts and apply for credit products with Kofax TotalAgility®.

Integrated healthcare and insurance provider

This integrated healthcare and insurance provider uses Kofax solutions to streamline and automate accounts payable (AP) processes. Today, the organization is driving fast, accurate invoice processing, doubling the efficiency of AP teams—increasing the proportion of invoices paid within term to 80% and absorbing a constant increase in business volumes while keeping staff levels flat.

County of Sacramento

Sacramento County harnessed Kofax solutions to transform mountains of paper files into rich electronic content—saving millions of dollars and supercharging operational efficiency.

Global financial services company

This financial services company uses Kofax Kapow™ to provide research analysts with quick and easy access to the web content they use to inform forecasts, stock recommendations and research for clients all over the world.

Healthcare services provider

To accelerate payments to its health plan clients, this healthcare services provider embraced a highly digitized, automated approach to claims capture and processing, underpinned by Kofax Claims Agility™.

Semiconductor manufacturer

This semiconductor manufacturer uses Kofax Kapow™ to gain up-to-date insight into website content, enabling it to better manage an ever-changing web catalogue of product design and assembly guides.


As a bank assurance company, KBC's purpose is to help all its stakeholders realize their dreams and protect them. The digitization of accounts payable with Lexmark ReadSoft software is part of this goal. KBC saw how the efficiency and transparency benefits of an automated invoicing system could deliver cost savings and happier suppliers.

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