Global financial services company

This financial services company uses Kofax Kapow™ to provide research analysts with quick and easy access to the web content they use to inform forecasts, stock recommendations and research for clients all over the world.

Healthcare services provider

To accelerate payments to its health plan clients, this healthcare services provider embraced a highly digitized, automated approach to claims capture and processing, underpinned by Kofax Claims Agility™.

South African bank

This South African bank is disrupting the market with an innovative mobile app for onboarding customers, driven by Kofax capture technology. By enabling customers to apply for an account on the go—without having to visit a branch—the bank has increased new account openings by 50 percent, growing market share and boosting financial inclusion.

Semiconductor manufacturer

This semiconductor manufacturer uses Kofax Kapow™ to gain up-to-date insight into website content, enabling it to better manage an ever-changing web catalogue of product design and assembly guides.

North Dakota University System

In a first-of-its-kind initiative in higher education, the North Dakota University System (NDUS) has consolidated 11 campuses onto a single, secure content management platform built on Kofax Perceptive Content™ software.


As a bank assurance company, KBC's purpose is to help all its stakeholders realize their dreams and protect them. The digitization of accounts payable with Lexmark ReadSoft software is part of this goal. KBC saw how the efficiency and transparency benefits of an automated invoicing system could deliver cost savings and happier suppliers.

Marion County

Marion County has partnered with BerkOne to launch a new electronic warrants system, built on Kofax Software technology. By digitizing documents and automating submission, review and approval processes, the county can issue search warrants in minutes—helping law enforcement and judicial officers work more efficiently to maintain public safety.

National Cooperative Bank

National Cooperative Bank uses Kofax solutions to provide teams across its growing business with rapid, consistent access to loan information, helping them work more efficiently and deliver highly responsive service to customers.

Pet Partners

By moving towards more efficient and automated accounts payable processes, Pet Partners has boosted accuracy, increased productivity and cut invoice processing times from weeks to days.

Santa Cruz County Human Services Department

The Employment and Benefit Services Division of the Santa Cruz County Human Services Department uses Kofax solutions to streamline the capture and processing of hundreds of thousands of case-related documents. By speeding digitization processes from weeks to one business day, the agency can put vital information in the hands of caseworkers faster than ever before.

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