W.R. Grace and Company Optmizes AP Processes to Reduce Costs and Achieve Best-In-Class Status

W.R. Grace and Company replaced a home grown system with Kofax solutions for greater integration with SAP and to optimize AP processes worldwide. Since implementation, the chemicals giant has reduced cost per invoice from more than $7 to $1.50 in Asia and Europe, and from $5 to $2.25 in the U.S.

Robots reduce compliance tasks from minutes to seconds for European bank

This bank used Kofax® Kapow™ to automate data-gathering processes linked to Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks. Today, the bank can now complete data-collection tasks that once took roughly 15 minutes in under 90 seconds on average, saving thousands of person-hours a week. Faster, more complete customer investigations reduce costs and risk of regulatory non-compliance.


Spanish professional services company Grupo EULEN has transformed manual and disjointed accounts payable processes into a centralized, ef cient function. With a solution from Kofax, the Group has digitized and automated the processing of over 200,000 invoices payable per year, freeing up time that employees can devote to more value-added business activities.


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