Farner Consulting AG uses Kofax Kapow RPA for the first fully automated solution for monitoring political issues

Farner is taking its political consultancy business in a whole new direction, and it’s all thanks to Kofax® Kapow™. After harnessing Kapow to provide clients and their own consultants with faster access to the web content they use to inform research, the agency has now opened up the platform to clients with the launch of IssueManager—a new software-as-a-service offering that helps companies stay up to speed with political affairs in a targeted and efficient way.

Safe-Guard adjudicates claims 75% faster with Kofax TotalAgility

Safe-Guard uses Kofax solutions to revolutionize how it manages millions of contracts and thousands of claims, reducing adjudication times by more than 75 percent, boosting productivity by 30 percent and improving customer satisfaction by 15 percent.

Arteris paves the way to more productive and profitable operations with a new shared services center built on Kofax TotalAgility and Kofax Insight

Brazil-based highway management company Arteris has started its journey to shared services supported by intelligent business process automation and analytics solutions from Kofax and TR Process. Shared services teams can count on streamlined, digitized processes and rich analytical insight to deliver support for key business services quickly, reliably and efficiently—driving down costs and helping Arteris pave the way to profitable growth.


2017 Digital Banking Report: Account Opening and Onboarding Benchmarking Study

The Digital Banking Report conducted a survey of financial services organizations globally to determine how well institutions are able to engage with consumers throughout the entire customer journey including new account opening and onboarding processes.

Map a successful route to your government agency's digital transformation

Federal, state and local governments are facing an unprecedented shift to digitization. Your journey will be unique to your agency and how you serve constituents. Here's a roadmap for reaching your target destination: digital transformation.

Engaging Government and Agency Constituents on Their Terms—and Yours

This eBook makes the case that program enrollment is a government agency’s most important constituent engagement. It guides the reader through a 7-step assessment of their current program enrollment capabilities, and it offers proactive solutions for creating a better program enrollment experience.