National Cooperative Bank

National Cooperative Bank uses Lexmark solutions to provide teams across its growing business with rapid, consistent access to loan information, helping them work more efficiently and deliver highly responsive service to customers. By embracing digital content and streamlined processes, the bank has saved thousands of dollars, improved audit compliance and significantly boosted customer satisfaction levels.

Pet Partners

By moving towards more efficient and automated accounts payable processes, Pet Partners has boosted accuracy, increased productivity and cut invoice processing times from weeks to days. With accounting teams freed from manual work, they can easily handle a greater workload—helping Pet Partners grow without increasing headcount—and have more time to devote to value-added analysis work that will drive smarter purchasing strategies.

Santa Cruz County Human Services Department

The Employment and Benefit Services Division of the Santa Cruz County Human Services Department uses Kofax solutions to streamline the capture and processing of hundreds of thousands of case-related documents. By speeding digitization processes from weeks to one business day, the agency can put vital information in the hands of caseworkers faster than ever before. Improved efficiency has helped the agency handle a 37% increase in workload, while allowing individual staff to process more documents in less time.


Pitching ROI for Accounts Payable

According to a new report form PayStream Advisors, one of the main hurdles to getting an AP automation project off the ground is a lack of belief in ROI by key decision makers.

Map a successful route to your government agency's digital transformation

Federal, state and local governments are facing an unprecedented shift to digitization. Your journey will be unique to your agency and how you serve constituents. Here's a roadmap for reaching your target destination: digital transformation.

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Is your invoice processing solution up in the air? Cloud-based SaaS solutions are becoming more sophisticated and more popular for invoice processing.