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Work Like Tomorrow

Kofax intelligent automation solutions help you digitally transform your information-intensive business workflows so you can work like tomorrow, today.

What If You Could Work Like Tomorrow—Today?

True digital transformation is about working smarter across your organization, from the front office to the back office, to grow revenues and profits. It’s about employees working more efficiently while delivering a frictionless customer experience. Discover how Kofax intelligent automation can help you build the tomorrow you want, today.


What’s Your Tomorrow?

Find out how some of our 25,000+ customers are working like tomorrow, today with Kofax intelligent automation!
We have released our business users from mundane tasks through auto-release and touchless posting...Kofax has helped us to improve the productivity and improve the relationship with the suppliers and at the same time retention of employees and attracting good talent to Shared Services.
Chandana Gurusinghe
Director of Process and Operations - Shared Services
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With Kofax, we’ve put an ecosystem in place that provides a very streamlined user experience where we're using Kofax OCR to read the commission statements, and with one click the team can disburse the money out to our agency partners. So it’s been a game changer.
Asheesh Biyala
VP of Intelligent Automation, Acrisure
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Kofax TotalAgility for us is the starting point for all of our invoices. Everything that we process comes in through that. It’s fully integrated into our system. With the new Kofax process, we don't lose invoices anymore.
Inez Clement
Group Finance Systems Manager, McConnell Dowell Construction
Mc Connel Dowell
Kofax will be a key partner in that journey and automation. As we look to utilize OCR and NLP more and more within our journeys, it means we can free our frontline colleagues from laborious and repetitive tasks around analysis and spend more time working directly with the customer on-demand and servicing their needs.
Dave Warnes
Automation Customer and Engagement Lead, Aviva
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Kofax offered a complete end-to-end platform that would make it easy to add new technologies over time, and they had an experienced and skilled local partner in CaptureDoc.
Tewfik Medani
CIO, Société Générale Algérie
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When I think about ‘working like tomorrow,’ we have to be innovative, we have to always be open-minded to new technology that’s out there. Otherwise, other people will discover it first and we’ll lose our edge.
Leslie Mandrell
Group Logistics Manager at Ryder System, Inc.
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