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Work Like Tomorrow

Kofax intelligent automation solutions help you digitally transform your information-intensive business workflows so you can work like tomorrow, today.

What If You Could Work Like Tomorrow—Today?

True digital transformation is about working smarter across your organization, from the front office to the back office, to grow revenues and profits. It’s about employees working more efficiently while delivering a frictionless customer experience. Discover how Kofax intelligent automation can help you build the tomorrow you want, today.


What’s Your Tomorrow?

Find out how some of our 25,000+ customers are working like tomorrow, today with Kofax intelligent automation!
Looking forward, and with Aviva's goal to provide the best possible customer experience, Kofax will be a key partner in that journey and automation. As we look to utilize OCR and NLP more and more within our journeys, it means we can free our frontline colleagues from laborious and repetitive tasks around analysis and spend more time working directly with the customer on-demand and servicing their needs.
Dave Warnes
Automation Customer and Engagement Lead, Aviva
Aviva Logo
“Kofax offered a complete end-to-end platform that would make it easy to add new technologies over time, and they had an experienced and skilled local partner in CaptureDoc.”
Tewfik Medani
CIO, Société Générale Algérie
Logo SGA Vector
Kofax TotalAgility for us is the starting point for all of our invoices. Everything that we process comes in through that. It’s fully integrated into our system. With the new Kofax process, we don't lose invoices anymore. We find them quickly. We can process them and ensure that those sites continue to produce as they're supposed to.
Inez Clement
Group Finance Systems Manager, McConnell Dowell Construction
Mc Connel Dowell
In just three and a half months, we’ve avoided printing over 292,400 pages, saving costs and shrinking waste.
Jason Gillam
Director of Business Operations, Blue Valley Schools
Blue Valley Schools
We believe we can utilize the tools for process automation to be as agile as fintech companies. We’ve successfully implemented RPA in our data center to automate all the IT end-of-day related processes, and now trade finance loan disbursement. I’m sure we can be ahead of the competition in the trade finance space because of this automation.
Antony Tan
IT Core Systems and Service Integration Head, Bank Danamon
Logo Danamon
When I think about ‘working like tomorrow,’ we have to be innovative, we have to always be open-minded to new technology that’s out there. Otherwise, other people will discover it first and we’ll lose our edge.
Leslie Mandrell
Group Logistics Manager at Ryder System, Inc.
Ryder logo
“Working like tomorrow, today,” well for Decipha that’s very much around helping our customers on their digital transformation journey, bringing those new technologies and capabilities to bear and ensuring that we’re there to play a role in that going forward as well.
Mark Sealey
Head of Technology
Automation Decipha
We processed a little over 57,000 orders through automation to allow nurses to be nurses instead of data entry clerks. The RPA platform works very hard in the middle of the night so that when the clinicians arrive in the morning and they used to have 5 or 600 transactions in their queue to process, now they have 20.
Rob Duber
Manager of Process Automation, University Hospitals
University Hospitals
It's really important that our employees can focus themselves on the work they really need to do. They very often are doing manual repetitive work which isn’t contributing anything to the real customer value. We want to make the employee more valuable for the company, but also for our customers. And in that way, we have a double success.
Steven van Uffelen
Head of Robotics Center of Excellence, Rabobank
As our clients evolve in their process, they’re shifting from more of a post-discharge document capture to more of a point-of-service capture, and having a cloud solution like TotalAgility really gives us the flexibility in delivering that value.
Patrick Eden
Product Manager–Enterprise Document Management, Cerner
Currently we have more than 130 robots, in 6 countries, more than 71 departments and processes. One of the robots that we have developed together with NovaCore is COMMODORE—basically, COndition MOnitoring DOctor as we call it internally.
Özgür Günaydın
CEO, Borusan Cat
We believe that the RPA processes about 30 times quicker than a human can do the same task, and we are actually getting information in almost real time. We believe we’ve saved anywhere between $800,000 and $1 million in overhead [since implementation].
Darren Wood
General Manager of Technology and Innovation, Ron Finemore Transport
Ron Finemore Transport
There was a lot of manual work involved in getting the tracking information (...) With RPA, we were able to do the task around 50 times faster than a human could do, and also the lead time for updates was around 80% faster than before, which definitely helps our customers for their planning and proper management of their supply chains.
Ralf Bosch
SVP of Global Technology, Architecture, and Cross-Functional IT
DB Schenker

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