Kofax Web Capture

Extend capture capabilities across the internet through web portals

Kofax Web Capture™ is a comprehensive toolkit for creating powerful web-based applications with the ability to view and scan documents and images. It empowers organizations to extend the capture of information beyond firewalls to customer facing portals. Kofax Web Capture enables customers, partners, suppliers and employees to use web browsers to capture content and images directly into business systems and processes. Process exceptions and requests for trailing documents can be submitted through the web and directly connected to controlled capture enabled business systems and processes. Web Capture integrates with the Touchless Processing™ capabilities of Kofax Capture™ and Kofax Transformation Modules™ to speed processing and reduce costs.

Enterprise Integration

Kofax Web Capture fully integrates with the Kofax enterprise capture platform. Companies can leverage this scalable, enterprise ready platform to enable customers and distributed stakeholders to conveniently submit accurate documents and information directly to core business systems.

Capture at the Point of Origination

Capturing and submitting documents or information at the Point of Origination™ where it is first available, through intuitive easy-to-use user interfaces and delivering it to enterprise applications accelerates processes, minimizes processing delays, speeds transactions and reduces processing costs for better customer service.

Software Developers Kit

For those developers who have a need to develop standalone imaging applications that do not integrate with the Kofax Capture platform, we offer a separate software developers kit. Click here for information.

Extend Your Reach

Kofax Web Capture enables extends access to any processes where the originators of documents are geographically dispersed.

Improve Accuracy

High accuracy of web submitted documents and information helps reduce error rates in the business process.

Speed Processing

Improve business performance and reduce operational costs by capturing information at the Point of Origination™.

Minimize Delays

Eliminate processing delays caused by having to collect and ship documents to a central processing location. Also eliminate courier costs and manual document preparation.

Improve Process Visibility

Chain of custody is never broken, and the process is fully visible and reportable from beginning to end.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Organizations can offer innovative new services through the web to differentiate their solutions and services from their competition.