Kofax Optitrade

Maximize trading efficiency and streamline financial and regulatory processes

Kofax Optitrade

Kofax Optitrade™ provides optimized trade management solutions for financial services institutions, in­cluding financial message handling, transaction matching, reconciliation and workflow solutions. Optitrade enables brokers and investment managers to manage, monitor and measure all of their securities and cash transac­tions.

Our suite of trade management solutions can be deployed separately or together with the Kofax TotalAgility® platform to meet your company’s needs. Kofax TotalAgility combines information capture, process management, Dynamic Content Management (DCM), collaboration, mobility and analytics to solve the First Mile™ challenges of effectively processing re­al-time, customer interactions for financial institutions worldwide.

Secure Management of Risk-Bearing Financial Communications

Financial institutions that use networks like SWIFT, FIX, OASYS, CTM and CREST in order to execute and settle trades, need to connect trade-processing systems to one or more of these networks. Optitrade FLOW is a secure message management hub, designed to simplify the process of making these connections, and of managing the various transaction flows.

Optitrade Flow offers a wide range of certified adaptors, integration tools and workflow capabilities. By using Optitrade Flow, our customers communicate business-critical financial information securely and reliably – integrating their internal processes with those of external parties. The result is reduced risk, lower operational costs and improved STP performance.

More than 50 financial institutions across the globe rely on Optitrade Flow, our financial message-handling products. Many of these clients also use our multi-instrument matching product, Optitrade Match.

Optitrade Match

Fast, Accurate Matching of Business Messages

Optitrade Match acts as an integrated part of business infrastructure, working quickly, dependable, around the clock, and in unattended operations as required. Optitrade Match provides brokers and investment managers with the solutions that allow fast, accurate matching of electronic business messages such as confirmations, executions, payments, orders, statements and instructions. 

Optitrade Match format-independent matching allows any structured message or record to me matched against any other, in any environment. This unique flexibility ensures higher throughput and increased capacity, providing a real-time matching solution that can be relied on in even the most demanding operations. 

The matching and reconciliation engine works with any record format, allowing structured messages of all types to be matched. This unique flexibility allows solutions to be rapidly configured and deployed. Our matching solutions are fast and robust, and are relied upon by some of the world's leading financial institutions. 

Optitrade Match allows users considerable flexibility in configuring their own matching criteria, and to modify them easily when required.

Optitrade Confirm

Enhance STP Performance with Plug and Play Connectivity to -Electronic Trade Confirmation services

Optitrade Confirm is a sophisticated product that transforms old OASYS Global formats into one or more of the trade confirmation message services be it Omgeo CTM,SWIFT GETC or FIX thereby removing the need for costly and time-consuming changes to be made to the user's existing middle/back-office system. 

Optitrade is a global certified STP Partner of OMGEO and SWIFT. 

Optitrade Confirm's web-based GUI enables users to monitor transaction flows through one functionally rich GUI for CTM, SWIFT GETC and FIX, check the matching process and manage exceptions. It is built using Microsoft® Silverlight® technology and layered over a trade database containing details of all trades exchanged in an STP environment, from execution through to settlement. 

The integrated solution supports exception processing, real-time settlement instruction enrichment and automated settlement notification messaging to custodian banks and settlement agents. It incorporates industry codes of practice and local market standards to promote data integrity and streamline settlement.

Speed Processing

Automate trade confirmation processes and enable straight-through processing for quicker trades. Minimize exceptions and resolve them faster.

Improve Accuracy

Improve accuracy in the trade verification process by reducing the need for manual data extraction. Reduce settlement fails and improve settlement performance. 

Reduce Risks

Reduce errors and non-delivery by automating the distribution of transactions across the enterprise, and eliminate the need for manual keying between applications and networks.

Reduce Costs

Decrease manual labor by automating downstream processes such as re¬cord-keeping, reconciliations of settlement instructions, corporate actions, and claims-handling. Reallocate knowledge workers to more efficient tasks.

Improve Process Transparency

Monitor, measure, and report on the acquisition of data from the point of entry, across each touch point, to final archive.

Adapt to Changing Regulations and Ensure Compliance

Stay current with changing regulations and secure your information with a unified content system that minimizes human touch-points and the risk of data breaches.