Customer Engagement

Energize and enrich customer relationships with world-class responsiveness, transparency and proactive communications

Customer Engagement

Kofax solutions for customer engagement are designed to capture information during the critical First Mile™ of customer interaction, resulting in improved customer experience and increased efficiency with quicker response times and more informed responses.

Tough competition, changing demographics and consumer preferences all demand customer engagement strategies for winning new customers and retaining profitable ones. With Kofax, all incoming correspondence from multiple channels, including the web, fax, and mobile devices, is captured electronically at its Point of Origination™.

Utilizing a touchless process, information is automatically classified as inquiries, claims, invoices, complaints, policies, change requests, etc. All relevant data is extracted and validated so that only complete and correct documents are routed to the appropriate application or employee for customer engagement.

Leverage Your Opportunities

With Kofax customer engagement solutions, prospects and policy holders can be automatically notified by SMS,MMS, email, phone or fax as to when they will receive a response to their policy inquiry, claim settlement or any other information they’ve requested.

Customer information generated during automated inbound customer service processes can be integrated to add information about new offerings to exploit and upsell existing customers.

In addition, outbound processes can be executed the same way—automatically, efficiently and securely—utilizing customer information for sales campaigns and other important communications.

Maximize the Customer Experience

Kofax helps carriers attract and keep customers by providing solutions specifically engineered to enhance customer interactions at key points in the experience.

Energize and Enrich Customer Relationships

Build customer satisfaction and loyalty with improved customer interactions by equipping agents with all the documents and evidence needed to answer queries with authority.

Build a Relationship of Trust

Build trust and loyalty by reaching out to policyholders with automated notifications and providing convenient, online access to claims and policy information.

Make More Informed Decisions

Use predictive analytics to seize more business opportunities by giving agents the information needed to make faster and better decisions with instant access to data and documents.

Engage Your Customers In Real-Time

Support multiple points of customer engagement and deliver more services via smartphones and tablets to capture documents anywhere your customers and agents roam.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Merge information from every channel and reduce overhead by turning document management and information workflow into a fast, accurate, touchless process from start to finish.