Optimize information-intensive insurance processes


Leverage Your Information

Kofax enables insurance companies to dramatically transform and simplify the business-critical First Mile™ of information-intensive customer interactions. Insurers can automatically capture, classify, extract and validate information through a touchless process, and then insert the information into their business processes.

The best-in-class Kofax platform manages all information, including paper forms and records, faxes, emails, texts, photos, web downloads, and more. Kofax empowers insurance carriers to manage information with unprecedented speed and accuracy—and harness it in new ways to drive growth and profitability.

With Kofax, insurers are seizing new opportunities to deliver outstanding customer service, highly efficient claims processing and greater business insight through business intelligence and analytics—all while meeting regulatory compliance.

Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges Today

Kofax enables insurance companies and agencies to streamline and optimize information flow across business units and processes, increase sales efficiency and improve customer service. With powerful enterprise capture solutions, Kofax empowers insurers to meet the challenges ahead with touchless information flows that drive world-class claims processing, new business underwriting, and customer service, with reduced costs and minimized risks.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Capture and classify greater volumes of content at the point of entry, and route process-ready information to multiple processes faster and cheaper with fewer people.

Improve Customer Service

Get customer information from multiple channels, including the web, fax, and mobile devices, for faster claims handling and customer communications.

Reduce Processing Costs

Process paper, fax, email and any other electronic format through one platform. Eliminate manual labor, physical shipping and storage.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Trace and audit the acquisition of data into your organization, from the point of entry, across each touch point, to final archive.

Understand the Value of Your Customer

View customer information across multiple business functions, systems, processes and channels to gain a complete view of your customer and understand their lifetime value.


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