Solutions for Higher Education

Drive greater performance, lower costs and improve service to students and staff add extra words

From enrollment services to the business office to student services, documents and information are constantly moving across your campus. How you manage and use this student-focused and business information impacts how effectively you support students, staff and faculty. Kofax solutions give you the power to capture, process, access, protect and collaborate on your most important documents and information on or off campus. Our document management, intelligent capture and workflow solutions connect your student information system and ERP applications with the complete information you need to make the most informed decisions, improving student service and giving you a competitive advantage.

Manage and boost enrollment

Recruit and respond to best-fit students faster and meet your enrollment goals with Kofax enrollment management software, including admissions evaluation, financial aid processing, registrar and records management, and transcript processing technology.

Streamline your business office

Don’t let manual tasks and paper slow you down when recruiting new staff, running payroll, processing invoices, managing contracts and organizing purchase requests.

Integrate with core applications

Connect your existing systems with the information they’ve been missing and boost the power of your technology investments.