Healthcare Back Office Automation

Achieve more with less by automating manual, high-volume transactional processes

When you’re steadily expected to do more with less, leveraging the right technology to drive content-intensive business processes is a must.

Let Kofax show you how to promote efficiency and productivity by automating the processing of high-volume transactional content in the back office. From accounts payable and invoice processing to purchase order matching and inventory management, our sophisticated yet easy-to-use document management solutions streamline workflows throughout your hospital’s back office operations.

AP Automation

With our document management solutions, your staff can more efficiently and more accurately process payable accounts to keep the revenue cycle smoothly turning.

No matter where you are in your journey to automation or how many invoices your organization handles, our accounts payable automation solutions can improve your processes.

From invoice processing to PO matching to vendor inquiries to invoice approval and more, Kofax technologies promote the behind-the-scenes process efficiencies health organizations must embrace to ensure their top-quality patient care translates into a healthy business.

HR Automation

Identifying, recruiting, educating and credentialing all the staff on whom healthcare organizations and their patients depend is no easy feat. Luckily, you can apply our back-office automation technologies to strengthen human resource functions. It can speed and simplify HR processes—recruitment, onboarding, employee management and credentialing—to consistently and securely centralize HR documents.

Armed with innovative content management technologies from Kofax, HR professionals enjoy efficiencies and advantages in harnessing these critical responsibilities, freeing time for more valuable employee engagement initiatives.

Increase Processing Efficiency

Reduce collecting, sorting and manual paper handling by automatically capturing and extracting data to help increase processing efficiency, data accuracy and information availability.

Reduce Manual Labor

With process automation, you reduce manual data entry and document handling requirements, freeing your valuable human resources to focus their energy on more valuable initiatives.

Improve Cash Flow

With back office automation, you accelerate the entire operation, allowing you to improve cash flow by capitalizing on early payment bonuses.