HR/Personnel Management

Make time for HR tasks that matter

Kofax human resources software simplifies daily HR tasks. HR process management tracks tasks and documents as they’re completed. HR document management gives your staff instant access to documents whenever they’re needed. And it all integrates smoothly with your HRIS and other HR solutions for recruiting, onboarding and performance.

Kofax technology enables you to:

  • Speed processing by capturing all types of documents, including signatures and photos, at the point of service and automatically link them to citizen’s records in your legacy system
  • Verify customer insurance eligibility and record customer’s documentation
  • Increase staff productivity with single-click access to any document from user work stations at the moment it’s needed
  • Utilize barcode processing to automate the capture of inbound correspondence, including paper and electronic formats, as well as constituent reporting
  • Ensure integrity of confidential data and comply with security mandate

Employee Recruitment

Give your HR staff the ability to quickly fulfill your company’s human resources recruiting and talent acquisition goals with employee recruitment software from Kofax.

Human Resources Compliance

Kofax HR solutions make it easier to meet human resources compliance standards and be ready for HR audits.

Employee Onboarding

Kofax content management technology automates and streamlines new employee onboarding. Forms and new hire paperwork, such as direct deposit authorizations, insurance enrollment forms and confidentiality agreements, can be easily linked to the appropriate electronic personnel record in your HR software, along with any pertinent documents from the hiring process.

Employee Management

Kofax employee management software improve employee records management by letting you electronically manage HR documentation, even if the information is in paper form.

Employee Direct Access and HR Portals

Kofax's content management solutions seamlessly integrate with your HR portals, including PeopleSoft, Infor Lawson, Microsoft SharePoint or other familiar portals, giving employees easy access to authorized digital images and electronic documents in their own personnel files.

Employee Separation Process

Kofax solutions for offboarding help you manage documentation for employee termination to ensure a smooth process. Workflow features allow you to automatically set a termination checklist into action for all necessary departments, speeding up the employee termination process.

Partners in Human Resources

Learn more about Kofax's partnerships for human resources.