Department of Motor Vehicles

Has customer service stalled in your driver licensing, vehicle titling, registration and inspection processes?

What if your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) agency could speed processing times, so citizens spend less time in line? And what if you could provide DMV employees with a complete view of a person’s record to help them be more proactive and handle multiple issues in one visit?

Kofax’s process and workflow solutions help streamline motor vehicle licensing and registration processes, resulting in more satisfied customers and more helpful and productive DMV staff.

Designed to help you modernize and improve service delivery, our solutions improve and automate your processes, allowing you to easily manage digital documents within your DMV software applications. Kofax solutions can help you maintain compliance with mandated security standards, while ensuring employees can access relevant documents and content from their workstations with just a single click.

Our solutions simplify the collection and sharing of critical information. That means you can easily capture all types of documents at the point of service—and automatically link them to the appropriate citizen record in your existing licensing and registration system. Then authorized users can dynamically share information within your department and between agencies, while ensuring the integrity and security of the information.

Benefits of Department of Motor Vehicles Solutions

Provides compatibility with security initiatives, such as secure driver’s licenses 

Improves and helps integrate service delivery

Saves paper, storage and valuable time