Case Management

Enable the efficient exchange of information needed to ensure the efficient processing of cases and claims

Case Management

Integrating People, Processes and Information

Kofax solutions for case management helps government organizations empower their caseworkers by helping to streamline work processes and improve citizen services. The whole process starts by transforming the critical First Mile™ of information intensive citizen interactions by capturing and delivering data in context, while orchestrating the multiple applications required to efficiently serve constituents. Kofax applications give caseworkers the flexibility to choose or define alternative paths toward the resolution of a case in real time. With Kofax solutions, organizations can improve the speed and quality of case resolution by focusing on the information needs of both the caseworker and citizen.

Leverage Existing IT Assets

Kofax solutions allow organizations to leverage and extend their existing software assets. Citizen data held in silos throughout the organization can now be put to work delivering it in context to the right caseworker, at the right place at the right time. This is done through the integration of multiple processes to deliver access to citizen information wherever it resides.

Kofax applications allow government organizations to automate routine citizen processes and improve how they handle exceptions. By simultaneously meeting the needs of all stakeholders Kofax capabilities facilitate the synergy of the applications used by government organizations to deliver citizen services.

Empower the Caseworker

Kofax solutions—from capture to real-time mobile engagement—are designed to empower caseworkers by recognizing and handling both the predictable and unpredictable nature of government work. They fulfill the need for greater efficiency by enabling the automation of foreseeable processes while maximizing caseworker support when erratic events occur. The consolidation of multiple processes eliminates application switching, while increasing productivity and driving down latency within the process itself. Kofax helps in multiple caseworker scenarios, including child welfare, in-home healthcare and quality inspections.

Optimize Case Management

The robust, scalable and flexible enterprise capture platform from Kofax optimizes case management by capturing and sharing relevant information across functions in a compliant way.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Classification and extraction capabilities enable any document or data related to a particular case ID to be routed to the right process or application.

Ensure File Accuracy

Automated validation and detection of missing or incorrect data enhances processing and ensures that only accurate and complete data enters the electronic case folder.

Improve Collaboration

Enable effective and efficient collaboration across multiple government departments and agencies.

Minimize Constituent Frustration

The ability for a caseworker to act as a single point of contact eliminates the hassle of constituents being passed from person to person to get an issue resolved.