When your business processes require complex, dynamic interactions between people, processes and workflows, it’s impossible to automate as you would a routine, repetitive process. Yet manually handling lengthy and complex cases is costly and error-prone, often involving highly skilled personnel driving decisions towards a clear goal, but with an unclear path and multiple participants with shifting roles and timelines.

Simplify the way your organization handles knowledge-driven processes like mortgage origination, fraud investigations, HR grievances, customer due diligence and background checks, grants management and customer complaints with a dynamic case management system that supports better decision-making and results. Not only will you empower employees by delivering data in context while orchestrating multiple business applications, but you will improve the speed and quality of case management processes with the right information at the right time.

Kofax Dynamic Case Management

Helping Clients Succeed

Ventura County Behavioral Health Department
Sacramento County
Utah Office of Recovery Services

For the first time, we will be able to measure which practices our teams engaged when treating patients on a particular program and the high-level outcomes of that approach. With a newfound understanding of what treatment patterns work best for different patient groups, we can shape a more effective, individualized approach to care that produces better outcomes for clients—helping them take positive steps to a healthy and happy life.

Power Dynamic Business Processes with Case Management

When you simplify the workflow and availability of relevant information in dynamic, knowledge-driven processes, you deliver exceptional case outcomes like time to resolution, worker productivity and customer satisfaction—all while meeting service level agreements and compliance standards.

Power your processes.
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