Invoice Processing in the Cloud

Kofax Reshapes the Financial Process Experience by Seamlessly Integrating Scalable, Multi-Tennant Invoice Capture and Accounts Payable in the Cloud

Today’s financial transformation initiatives are sending CFOs and Finance executives in search of technology to reinvent business operations. While the challenges driving organizations to improve financial management processes have not changed, new solutions have emerged for fast, affordable process automation. One such solution is cloud-based accounts payable (AP) automation.

Organizations that have adopted AP automation in the cloud have overcome inefficient and costly manual work to benefit from improved data accuracy, lower processing costs, reduced IT requirements, better financial controls and more centralized AP processes.

Kofax ReadSoft Online™ automates accounts payable processing by capturing, extracting and verifying invoices and integrating with ERP software and partner applications in the cloud. This highly scalable, mulit-tenant cloud solution features an intuitive user interface. Built on the Microsoft Cloud, setup is quick and does not require special IT infrastructure. For enterprises and large-scale ERP customers, ReadSoft Online standardizes the process across varied landscapes to reduce costs, minimize errors, boost productivity and improve supplier relations.

By 2025, demand for financial management application deployments delivered as cloud services will equate to more than 65% of total market spend. — Gartner, “Finance Moving to the Cloud: The Steps to Take and the Benefits You Can Expect, ”, August 2016”


ReadSoft Online offers effective, automated AP processing with an immediate ROI.

Introducing Kofax ReadSoft Online R9

ReadSoft Online R9 builds on previously released features including multi-language support, enhanced line item extraction, expanded supplier recognition and Excel import for master and purchase order data reporting.

In the latest release, ReadSoft Online enhancements include:

  • An HTML5 user interface
  • Improved reporting and analytics
  • Upgraded capture capabilities
  • Simple integration to applications

As a cloud-based solution, the updates and enhancements are deployed at ongoing intervals allowing customers to access new features as they are incorporated into the product.

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