Automatically Extract and Integrate Business-Critical Web Data

When your business depends on data, manually collecting information from complex and dynamic websites is neither scalable nor cost-effective. A simple web scraper tool can create more problems than it solves when it can’t access dynamic content, breaks when websites inevitably change and can’t filter out unwanted information.

What you need is intelligent software robots that automatically interact with and pull data from disparate websites and portals—and then deliver it in near-real time, constantly updating and integrating the data with your systems and decision-making processes. Grow market share, transform your industry, defend your brand, protect citizens…what can your organization do with timely, accurate and complete web data?


A Guide to Rethinking Web Scraping

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10 Must Haves for Web Data Extraction & Transformation

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Integrating Data Sources in the Financial Services Sector

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Because Your Business Depends on Data

Web data extraction is much more than the simple act of scraping data from a website. It digs deeper and eliminates time-consuming and costly manual processes needed to verify information and ensure its relevance by way of using intelligent software robots. It automates the entire process of data acquisition, transformation and integration with business systems and processes so you have the power of real-time, data-driven decision-making, and can deliver better services to your clients, and scale your operations without added costs and resources.

Get insights on external data extraction and the 10 critical considerations when selecting a web data extraction solution.

A Collective, Precise Approach

Whether web data extraction is being used to transform industries, grow market share, defend brands or protect citizens, it takes a collective, precise approach to acquire, transform, deliver and analyze the data you need:

  • Acquire
    You can automatically acquire hard-to-integrate website and portal data sources, eliminating manual efforts. Web scraping tools are limited in their effectiveness and cannot penetrate dynamic websites or handle complex extraction routines. Even minor website changes can be a roadblock. Web data extraction casts a much wider net and scours the web for data from sites such as partner portals, public online data verification services and public domains.

  • Transform
    To glean real value from information, you need the ability to automatically filter, transform, normalize and aggregate the precise data for your operations. While an automated data collection tool may seem appealingly simple, the real factor should be the quality of transformed data; extracted data that is inaccurate or incomplete is useless. The downstream effect is significant in terms of cost and time spent manually cleaning up the content.

  • Deliver
    Web data extraction integrates external web data and related content with a host of enterprise systems, databases, data warehouses or processes and business intelligence tools, turning it into information that’s relevant and easy to use. It also supports the output of the extracted data into multiple destinations or formats critical to your business decisions and services.

  • Manage and Analyze
    To ensure operational excellence, you need a flexible solution where thousands of smart robots designed to extract data from web sites and portals can be scheduled, monitored, and maintained. Web data extraction solutions allow you to monitor and analyze real-time and historical smart robot processes and system metric performance information; this is key to ensuring automated data extraction and integration processes are running smoothly and system performance is optimized. This is especially important for organizations that collect data from hundreds or even thousands of websites.

Intelligent Data That Works For Your Business

Web data extraction can satisfy the requirements for almost any data-driven intelligence application or service that any organization—from the smallest company to the largest multi-national corporation—wants to do. So whether it’s competitive price monitoring, sales intelligence, news aggregation, background checks, market research, brand surveillance, financial investment research, IP protection and fraud detection, OSINT and more, you’re covered.

Download this whitepaper to understand the impact of acquiring and integrating information from multiple external sources.

The smart software robots can be designed and deployed within days, or even hours, versus weeks or months with custom built web scraping and scripting solutions. It automates the manual operations a human would do when acquiring data from the web, and features a non-coding design interface for non-programmer- type users. Simply build a smart robot like a human would navigate their way through a web site, and the data extraction process is automatically built. Once you have the robot built and logic defined, you simply publish the robot, and click run or schedule the robot to run at set times to get the data you want and need. Start with a small set of smart robots, and then scale out your web data extraction operations to thousands of robots.

Power Better Business Decisions with Web Data

When you automate the entire process of web data acquisition, transformation and integration with business systems and processes, you unlock valuable insights that keep your organization competitive and agile.

Power your processes. Empower your business.
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