Engage New Customers and Build Loyalty with Onboarding Automation
The moment of truth for your customers is your onboarding process, when marketing hype gives way to the reality of how you serve customers and clients every day. At that moment, you have the power to wow customers with simple, intuitive, digitized interactions…or disappoint with a painful, manual, paper-based onboarding process.

Create a remarkable onboarding experience with a solution that offers real-time mobile engagement, the flexibility of anytime, anywhere self-service and omnichannel digital interactions. Transform from physical to digital customer onboarding by capturing process-ready documents, automating identity and other verifications, gathering e-signatures, automatically integrating with in-house and external systems and communicating in customer channels of choice. The impact of a good onboarding experience? A competitive advantage with increased revenue, along with enhanced customer lifetime value.

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New customers are completing the onboarding process faster than ever thanks to a multichannel platform that engages customers seeking mobile or self-service options. Applications are being checked for fraud and identity verification. You can see where the process is working and, where it isn’t, make changes quickly.

And you’re delivering a consistent, efficient customer experience on any device or channel, such as a smartphone, tablet or PC.

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