Mobile ID, ID Verification, and Facial Recognition

Turn mobile devices into ID capture and verification devices

Mobile devices are at the center of everything your customers, employees, business partners and agents do. If you want to capture their attention, their information and their business, you have to meet them on the luminous little screen that’s never far from hand.

However, with increasingly savvy fraudsters determined to wreak havoc, how do you quickly convert unknown applicants into verified, trusted customers in real time and on their schedule?

The bridge to get you there has already been built in the form of a mobile ID verification and live facial recognition solution that engages customers on the go, while reducing the risk of fraud and increasing compliance with regulations, including Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

Many early online banking platforms had rudimentary mechanisms for account and loan origination, and many required customers to come to the branch for in-person KYC and to submit paperwork. That dog won’t hunt in today’s environment! One of many responses to the seismic changes in customer preferences has been a race to market with mobile customer acquisition capability. — CELENT, OMNICHANNEL CUSTOMER ACQUISITION 2.0 VENDOR SPECTRUM (PART 2), SEPTEMBER 2016

Ensure the integrity of your mobile onboarding process

Customers can initiate the onboarding process via their mobile device by taking a photo of their ID document(s) for automatic data extraction and validation and, for a greater level of security, taking a “selfie.” Kofax advanced forensic technology is 100% automated and performs thousands of security checks in seconds, stopping the majority of fraudsters in their tracks.

Now, your business can meet customers where they are with a single platform that optimizes efficiency and security, and ensures a frictionless mobile onboarding experience.

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