Branchenspezifische Lösungen


Organizations in a wide array of industries trust Kofax to help them stay competitive and deliver superior performance across a variety of complex business processes. With Kofax, organizations are able to capture information as soon as it is available and route it multiple processes faster and with greater efficiency – all on a single, unified platform. They are able to simplify the initial, information-intensive interactions of virtually any business process and better communicate with customers, where, when and how they want to engage. Kofax solutions improve collaboration, provide greater visibility and control over processes, and reduce costs for better service and a competitive advantage.

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Cross Industry

Kofax helps organizations around the globe implement best-in-class business solutions for mailroom automation, accounts payable, business process management and dynamic case management. These solutions are designed to take advantage of advancements in information capture, process management, analytics and mobile capabilities to speed processing, improve engagement, reduce costs, and deliver a competitive edge. Discover how our proven solutions can transform and enhance the information-intensive First Mile™ of business processes while providing greater visibility and control.

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Cross Industry Solutions