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Insurance Analytics

Reduce risks, increase revenue and improve customer experience with up-to-the-minute insurance business analytics. A single dashboard view of data from multiple systems like agent portals, quoting databases, booking or claims systems and external data from vendors or third-party applications.


Kofax Customer Testimonial City of Zaanstad

The City of Zaanstad used Kofax solutions to standardize and rebuild the registration process. Today, 1,300 users rely on the digital mailroom to processes documents 50% faster. The city realized full ROI in 6 months, rather than the anticipated year and a half.  


Application Automation for Government

Learn how application automation can streamline your government services, whether you serve individual citizens or businesses. Solve your internal processing and external constituent communication challenges without having to overhaul your systems. 


Paperwork and the Government Agency

Securely capture and transform paper documents into data that can connect front-end process with legacy systems across departments and locations.


Engaging Government and Agency Constituents

This eBook makes the case that program enrollment is a government agency’s most important constituent engagement. It guides the reader through a 7-step assessment of their current program enrollment capabilities, and it offers proactive solutions for creating a better program enrollment experience.


Transform Customer Engagement with Capture

Document capture, classification and information extraction enables you to take control of document centric data received from customers and suppliers


Go Digital for Constituent Satisfaction - Guiding Governments for Digital Transformation

While governments understand that digital transformation is critical for providing better constituent service, they face technical and cultural challenges that make it difficult to know where to begin. Get a step by step approach for creating a digital transformation plan.


Process Intelligence - Business Intelligence Evolves

Virtually every organization has some form of business intelligence and reporting tools in place, but that’s no longer enough. Today’s faster speed of business requires utilize process intelligence – advanced analytics providing insight down to the business process level – step by step, system to system, from start to finish. Discover the next step in BI with process intelligence.


Unlocking the Power of Analytics to Optimize Your Capture Investment

Capture and OC operations are changing as companies race to utilize business intelligence and analytics to convert data-driven insights into practice. Analytics are your competitive advantage in optimizing your capture operations. Learn how in this white paper from Kofax, the capture market leader.


Invoice Management: Technology You Need Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

This Aberdeen Group report breaks down invoice management solutions into three periods: legacy solutions (yesterday); current solutions (today); and emerging technologies (tomorrow). Find out how companies with best-in-class status combine solutions from different eras to achieve success.