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Transforming Customer Engagement Improving Processes

The right kind of customer engagement is vital for your business. Your customers want instant results coupled with near real-time visibility. Automating key processes enables you to deliver both, giving decision-makers instant access to the information they need.


Transforming Customer Engagement Preserving Customer Loyalty

The right kind of customer engagement is vital for your business. Your customers want to know where they are in your process, and you must provide that visibility or they will switch to a competitor without hesitation.


Kofax Customer Testimonial City of Zaanstad

The City of Zaanstad used Kofax solutions to standardize and rebuild the registration process. Today, 1,300 users rely on the digital mailroom to processes documents 50% faster. The city realized full ROI in 6 months, rather than the anticipated year and a half.  


Podcast: Kofax’s Chris Huff Talks Intelligent Automation with CIO Talk Network (CTN)

Although the buzz around intelligent automation continues to accelerate, it can be difficult to uncover which vendors can truly deliver on the promise of a smart, integrated approach to digital transformation.


Webinar Recording: Ask the Experts

In this webinar, your host, Chief Marketing Officer, Kathleen Delaney, leads a panel discussion with our guest customers around their unique transformation journeys, how they navigated some key automation challenges and questions, as well as an exclusive look at the results of the Kofax Forrester 2020 Intelligent Automation Benchmark Study with Rob Koplowitz, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.


Achieving a Step Change in Customer Engagement

Preparing for the Era of Intelligent Automation


Webinar Recording: How to Scale Automation: People & Technology Considerations

Listen to this complimentary webinar hosted by the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.


Kofax Capture

Convert paper and electronic documents into usable information for your business systems and processes.


Kofax Transformation

Automate the understanding of documents and convert them into useful, electronic business information.


Kofax VRS Elite

Automatically enhance the quality of scanned images for increased productivity and better data.