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Insurance Analytics

Reduce risks, increase revenue and improve customer experience with up-to-the-minute insurance business analytics. A single dashboard view of data from multiple systems like agent portals, quoting databases, booking or claims systems and external data from vendors or third-party applications.


The Power of Insight

Making business decisions without knowing the facts means you’re just guessing. What you need is the power of analytics to gain true insight into the heart of your business processes - from internal operations and processes to external customer interactions.


Ten Must-Haves for Web Data Extraction and Transformation

Whether you are acquiring a million records a day from hundreds of sites or just a handful of records from thousands of sites daily, focusing on just one aspect of web data extraction will leave you short. It’s more than just collecting data or scraping it from external websites.


Process Intelligence - Business Intelligence Evolves

Virtually every organization has some form of business intelligence and reporting tools in place, but that’s no longer enough. Today’s faster speed of business requires utilize process intelligence – advanced analytics providing insight down to the business process level – step by step, system to system, from start to finish. Discover the next step in BI with process intelligence.


Unlocking the Power of Analytics to Optimize Your Capture Investment

Capture and OC operations are changing as companies race to utilize business intelligence and analytics to convert data-driven insights into practice. Analytics are your competitive advantage in optimizing your capture operations. Learn how in this white paper from Kofax, the capture market leader.


Process Intelligence - Improving Operational Performance in the Insurance Industry

A competitive edge in the insurance industry requires defining and evolving processes to maximize efforts on lucrative opportunities, manage time and costs and mitigate risk. Introducing process intelligence: a technology that monitors, analyzes and helps insurers optimize business processes.


Automating Accounts Payable: How to Turn Hyper Efficient Accounts Payable into a Cash Contributor

Leveraging a modern approach to performance excellence driven by technology and a shift in mindset is key to opening many new opportunities for Accounts Payable.This white paper by SSON Industry Insights examines leading AP trends, with a focus on data-led insights and an evaluation of market opportunities.


Take Business Process Optimization to New Heights

Business Intelligence (BI) and Process Intelligence (PI) are not one and the same. This eBook outlines how PI extends the capabilities of an organization’s BI implementation.


Start Your Intelligent Automation Journey with RPA and Process Intelligence

This eBook reveals the six steps to take to transform your operations with robotic process automation and process intelligence and revolutionize the way you operate, innovate and grow your business.


Swale Borough Council Delivers Better Service to Citizens at Lower Cost

Swale Borough Council serves more than 126,000 citizens in North Kent, England. It provides local government services such as public housing, planning, parks maintenance, waste disposal, building regulation enforcement and maintenance of the electoral register.

41 Results

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