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Deliver Compelling Customer Experience with Kofax Onboarding Agility (EMEA)

Is it easy to become one of your new customers? If your onboarding process is long, manual or requires paper documents and routing you risk abandonment before you ever get the chance to show how good you are. Learn how Kofax Onboarding Agility helps automate the process of acquiring new customers.


Kofax Mobile Capture Platform - Gift Card Reader

The average household has $300 in unused gift cards. What if your customers could get their gift card balances with one simple tap? This is just one of many capabilities that you can build into your app with the Kofax Mobile Capture™ Platform.


Transforming Customer Engagement Embracing Innovation

The right kind of customer engagement is vital for your business. Your customers expect innovations that result in a smoother experience across all of their devices and interactions, and you need to deliver these innovations while gathering actionable analytics.


Create a Digital Mailroom with Kofax

Data, it comes from everywhere. The challenge is finding a way to efficiently harness, manage and route it … without manual data entry. With Kofax, you can create a digital mailroom that automatically extracts, validates, tracks and manages the information throughout your entire process.


Kofax Mobile ID From Start to Sign in 60 Seconds

Learn how combining mobile capture and e-signature can transform an inconvenient and lengthy process into a fast and easy experience for your customers. With Kofax Mobile ID, one minute is all it takes for your customers to electronically submit a copy of their ID and complete the ID registration process.


Insurance Analytics

Reduce risks, increase revenue and improve customer experience with up-to-the-minute insurance business analytics. A single dashboard view of data from multiple systems like agent portals, quoting databases, booking or claims systems and external data from vendors or third-party applications.


Kofax Intelligent Automation: Changing the way business is done with a digital workforce

The global economy and business world is experiencing a radical revolution.


Intelligent Automation Insights: Yorkshire Building Society

With successful Kofax RPA implementation, Yorkshire Building Society looks toward Kofax Intelligent Automation platform to build their digital workforce to Work Like Tomorrow.


The Power of Insight

Making business decisions without knowing the facts means you’re just guessing. What you need is the power of analytics to gain true insight into the heart of your business processes - from internal operations and processes to external customer interactions.


Intelligent Automation Insights: ABN AMRO Bank NV

With successful Kofax RPA implementation, ABN AMRO Bank NV looks toward Kofax Intelligent Automation platform to build their digital workforce to Work Like Tomorrow.

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