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Five Case Studies to Inspire Your AP Automation Strategy

How can accounts payable automation contribute to your digital transformation? Get inspired by these five case studies Kofax customers that show major cost savings, boosts in productivity and better accuracy are possible with end-to-end AP automation.


AIIM eBook – GDPR: How Robots Help Comply

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is here: all organisations that process or hold personal data of EU residents must allow customers to review their stored data, “rectify and amend” their data—and even invoke their right to be forgotten. Those that fail to comply can face heavy penalties.


3 IT Budget Breakthroughs | Kofax

Hidden PDF software costs can eat away at your bottom line. Here are three ways PDF software from the right vendor can boost your budget.


White Paper: Securing the Digital Workforce

The topic of securing the digital workforce is more relevant than ever. Identities used by automation to access sensitive systems and applications must be managed in a like manner to people.


Guiding Principles on the Journey to Intelligent Automation

Discover how Kofax and Cognizant have teamed up to offer a proven intelligent automation framework and standards for a successful digital transformation.


Real Estate Consultancy Profitably Grows Asset Management Business with Invoice Automation

As business boomed, this real estate consultancy firm looked for a way to manage its rising accounts payable workload cost-effectively. By moving to streamlined electronic invoicing, the company has boosted accuracy, increased productivity and cut processing times from days to minutes.


TorTalk eases reading challenges for dyslexics with Kofax OmniPage SDK

As TorTalk began developing a reading comprehension solution for people who suffer from dyslexia, they discovered that a lot of the text-to-speech products on the market couldn’t process images, PDFs, or any document that did not have editable text. Of all the products tested, Kofax OmniPage SDK and Nuance Vocalizer had the highest rates of accuracy for recognizing, processing, and speaking text. Combining the two would make it possible for TorTalk users to get the most accurate readings. Today, 75 percent of Swedish universities, including Goteborgs Universitet and Uppsala Universitet, use TorTalk for their students.

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