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Utility Audit & Compliance Analytics - Demo

See how you can visualize the management of incidents, ensure and track SLA compliance, and easily escalate and reassign cases for better case management and an understanding of how your systems are running.


Kofax Monitor

Kofax Monitor enables real-time monitoring and management of your business-critical Kofax systems for optimal operational health, service level management and improved performance.


Spectrum Health Leverages Paperless Solution to Achieve “One Patient, One Record” Goal

Spectrum Health’s focus on providing best-in-class patient care while controlling costs required automating, streamlining and consolidating complex processes to better meet the needs of clinicians, who wanted simplified, electronic access to the complete patient legal medical record. Kofax today provides a fully integrated, paperless solution that processes more than 12.5 million inpatient documents each year.


Kofax Streamlines Processing Millions of Affordable Care Act Insurance Applications

Enrolling citizens requires collecting and managing millions of paper-based applications and supporting, which must be scanned and captured, reviewed, verified and distributed for processing to determine eligibility. With Kofax, a much more efficient and streamlined case management process has been established, whereby all documents are automatically scanned, classified and indexed upon arrival.


Sanlam Radically Improves Service Delivery, Processing Times and Business Growth

A financial services company established in 1918 in South Africa, Sanlam places great emphasis on customer service. The company considers Kofax a major enabler of that business goal, “touching more processes on a daily basis than any other application.” Products deployed include Kofax Capture, Kofax Transformation Modules, Kofax Monitor and Kofax VRS Elite.

5 Results

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