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Kofax Mobile Capture for Mortgage

Learn how application automation can streamline your government services, whether you serve individual citizens or businesses. Solve your internal processing and external constituent communication challenges without having to overhaul your systems. 


Kofax Mobile Capture for Expense Receipt Processing

The Kofax Mobile Capture Platform turns smartphones into information capture devices and meets users where they are, when they want to be engaged and on their preferred channel.


Kofax Claims Agility

Cutting costs, paying medical bills faster, and serving customers better are key to running your business smoothly and within budget. Unfortunately, manual tasks can hold you back and increase compliance risk. Streamline your operations with Kofax Claims Agility.


Kofax Mobile Capture Platform - Gift Card Reader

The average household has $300 in unused gift cards. What if your customers could get their gift card balances with one simple tap? This is just one of many capabilities that you can build into your app with the Kofax Mobile Capture™ Platform.


Mobile Mortgage Applications and Automation in the First Mile

Imagine a customer originating a mortgage application in seconds from their smartphone. Just a photo of their ID starts the process. From digitizing information, to automating processes for greater speed and accuracy, Kofax is helping you delight customers.


Transforming Customer Engagement Embracing Innovation

The right kind of customer engagement is vital for your business. Your customers expect innovations that result in a smoother experience across all of their devices and interactions, and you need to deliver these innovations while gathering actionable analytics.


Transforming Customer Engagement Improving Processes

The right kind of customer engagement is vital for your business. Your customers want instant results coupled with near real-time visibility. Automating key processes enables you to deliver both, giving decision-makers instant access to the information they need.


Kofax Mobile ID From Start to Sign in 60 Seconds

Learn how combining mobile capture and e-signature can transform an inconvenient and lengthy process into a fast and easy experience for your customers. With Kofax Mobile ID, one minute is all it takes for your customers to electronically submit a copy of their ID and complete the ID registration process.


Transforming Customer Engagement Preserving Customer Loyalty

The right kind of customer engagement is vital for your business. Your customers want to know where they are in your process, and you must provide that visibility or they will switch to a competitor without hesitation.


Improving the Constituent Journey with Digital Transformation

Applying for a government program, service or document is like a journey for constituents. For government agencies, the goal is to accelerate this journey to a positive result by providing efficient service. Kofax helps reduce errors and accelerates processes to meet—and exceed—those expectations.

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