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Process Director

Automate financial processes in SAP


Kofax IP Agility

Transform accounts payable with an enterprise-level invoice processing solution.


Kofax Invoice Portal

Cloud-based e-invoicing solution and certified PEPPOL access point for sending and receiving e-invoices


Five Case Studies to Inspire Your AP Automation Strategy

How can accounts payable automation contribute to your digital transformation? Get inspired by these five case studies Kofax customers that show major cost savings, boosts in productivity and better accuracy are possible with end-to-end AP automation.


Making AP Automation Happen: 7 Essential Elements to Pitching AP Automation to Your CFO

You know how AP automation software can transform your accounts payable organization, improving efficiency and profitability. Now it’s time to build the business case for your CFO.


Profile of a Future-Proof AP Organization | Kofax

What can your company achieve by using The Hackett Group’s recent research and checklist to create a strategy for accounts payable (AP) transformation?


Automating Accounts Payable: How to Turn Hyper Efficient Accounts Payable into a Cash Contributor

Leveraging a modern approach to performance excellence driven by technology and a shift in mindset is key to opening many new opportunities for Accounts Payable.This white paper by SSON Industry Insights examines leading AP trends, with a focus on data-led insights and an evaluation of market opportunities.


The Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation - Facts and Best Practices from Leading Analysts

What do leading analysts think about common accounts payable problems that stems from manual processes? Learn about the major benefits of implementing AP automation, criteria for selecting a solution provider and more from AP experts in this white paper.


North American Food Manufacturer Implements a One-Stop Shop for Invoice Processing Using Kofax

Business growth was stretching paper-based accounts payable processes to the limit. By moving to a digitized and automated approach, this North American food manufacturer slashed the purchase-to-pay cycle from weeks to days, and has doubled invoice volumes while increasing headcount by just 1.5 full time employees.


Max Hamburger Restaurants Enables Accurate and Efficient Invoicing with ReadSoft Invoices from Kofax

Max Hamburger Restaurants needed a way to efficiently manage company invoices across its chain of 107 restaurants. By deploying Kofax ReadSoft Invoices, it is able to automate more and more of its invoicing processes, increasing business agility while reducing the risk of errors.