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Gift Card Analysis - Demo

Learn how a gift card sales interactive dashboard integrates Kofax mobile payment transaction data with data from downstream business systems of record into a single analytical experience for the information you need to improve your customers’ experiences.


Omnichannel Customer Acquisition 2.0 Report

Is your bank ready to deliver an omnichannel experience to your customers, from mobile to online to branch to call center? Celent's lastest report, Omnichannel Customer Acquisition 2.0 explains what it is and how to get there.


2017 Digital Banking Report: Account Opening and Onboarding Benchmarking Study

The Digital Banking Report conducted a survey of financial services organizations globally to determine how well institutions are able to engage with consumers throughout the entire customer journey including new account opening and onboarding processes.


Kofax Named a Leader in Aragon Research Tech Spectrum™ for Workflow and Content Automation, 2018

Aragon identifies Kofax as “an ideal choice for WCA initiatives, in part due to complex workflows associated with mission-critical document processes.”


The Role of Customer Engagement in a Digital Transformation Strategy

Learn the role of the customer experience in digital transformation initiatives, see insights from 451 Research that uncover the state of digital transformation at organizations in multiple industries, and real-life stories of organizations that have partnered with Kofax on their digital transformation journey.


Digital Transformation—Are We There Yet?

Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination. Each organization evolves at its own pace, but is the journey ever truly over? 451 Research shares their view on the exploration of mobile and digital transformation on this engaging webinar.


Digital Transformation in Banking: Strategies for Achieving Bank-Wide Transformation

Discover how to improve your digital transformation initiatives with e-signatures and check fraud prevention in both front-office and back-office operations. Learn how to prevent check signature forgery and derive value and ROI from a combined e-sign and check fraud detection solution.


Broadening the Role of a Bank: Delivering New Value to Customers

Doing more for customers: The opportunities for going above and beyond the traditional role of a bank. Kofax and Marketforce's webinar discussed how the "Generation Selfie,",shaped by the personalised and meaningful interactions pioneered by the likes of Amazon and Netflix, has increasingly high expectations of its banks.


How Will the Proliferation of Mobile Impact How You Process Customer Information? 

Companies need to transform their business processes, not just improve them. They need to go from mobile enabled to mobile centric. But how do I do this without replacing what I already have? How do I better support mobile customers and staff? Where do I start?


Digitizing the Customer Experience in Banking

Kofax and Marketforce's Digitizing the Customer Experience in Banking webinar explored the modern customer’s expectations of digital banking and the benefits of a predominantly digital customer experience for banks. It also covered the challenges to the process, in relation to technology, security and trust.

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