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Mobile Transactions Made Easy

Financial services organizations realize the need to mobile-enable customers to keep pace in competitive markets. We help financial services companies extend their efforts to make mobile payments fast and easy putting the power in the hands of their customers.


Application Automation for Medicaid

Learn how application automation can streamline your Medicaid services from application capture to processing and document management. Solve your internal processing and external constituent communication challenges without having to overhaul your systems. 


Deliver Compelling Customer Experience with Kofax Onboarding Agility (EMEA)

Is it easy to become one of your new customers? If your onboarding process is long, manual or requires paper documents and routing you risk abandonment before you ever get the chance to show how good you are. Learn how Kofax Onboarding Agility helps automate the process of acquiring new customers.


Seven Ways to Make Your First Mile Smarter

The initial, information-intensive communications that customers have with your business will shape your brand and impact customer loyalty. Companies that get it right will outpace the competition. Learn the 7 ways that you can provide a better customer experience—by making your First Mile of business smarter.


Winning in the Age of the Customer

We’re all living in the Age of the Customer. The key to victory is interacting on the customer’s terms, at their chosen time and place, through whatever device or channel they prefer. Kofax Enterprise Software streamlines information-intensive operations and provides better customer engagement.


Transforming Customer Engagement Improving Processes

The right kind of customer engagement is vital for your business. Your customers want instant results coupled with near real-time visibility. Automating key processes enables you to deliver both, giving decision-makers instant access to the information they need.


Transforming Customer Engagement Preserving Customer Loyalty

The right kind of customer engagement is vital for your business. Your customers want to know where they are in your process, and you must provide that visibility or they will switch to a competitor without hesitation.


Insurance Analytics

Reduce risks, increase revenue and improve customer experience with up-to-the-minute insurance business analytics. A single dashboard view of data from multiple systems like agent portals, quoting databases, booking or claims systems and external data from vendors or third-party applications.


The Power of Insight

Making business decisions without knowing the facts means you’re just guessing. What you need is the power of analytics to gain true insight into the heart of your business processes - from internal operations and processes to external customer interactions.


5 Ways to Transform Your Accounts Payable Efficiency

Learn the five ways that Kofax solutions can streamline your accounts payable processes today.