Kofax TotalAgility: Deployment

Kofax TotalAgility

Kofax TotalAgility® is available in a wide array of deployment options. These include:

  • TotalAgility software perpetual license on-premise – single tenant, or multi-tenant for BPOs, service bureaus and shared service centers
  • TotalAgility Cloud hosted SaaS subscription service – multi-tenant (shared tenancy) or dedicated instance (single tenancy)


Kofax TotalAgility Cloud

Kofax TotalAgility Cloud delivers the platform as a multi-tenant or dedicated instance Microsoft Windows Azure hosted SaaS subscription offering. TotalAgility Cloud enables enterprises to dramatically transform and simplify the business critical First Mile™ of real time, information-intensive customer interactions by exploiting the benefits of a hosted SaaS subscription offering.

TotalAgility Cloud Benefits

TotalAgility Cloud offers these features and benefits, which are in addition to those provided by the TotalAgility platform:

Unified Platform in the Cloud

Combine market-leading capture, BPM, DCM, collaboration, mobile, analytics and data integration capabilities in a single, cloud-based platform—allowing organizations to minimize the total cost of ownership and accelerate solution development by not having to install and integrate platform components.

Rapid Prototyping and Deployment

Rapidly prototype and deploy a solution without needing to purchase, install, configure and maintain hardware and software.

Avoid Capital Expenditures

Meet line of business objectives through operating budgets rather than capital expenditure budgets and IT dependencies.

Low Startup Costs

Benefit from low initial costs compared to perpetual software licenses and hardware, or business process outsourcing.

Avoid Software Upgrades

Take advantage of the latest software innovations, with the option to always run the most recent TotalAgility version without the associated upgrade cost.

Unified Legacy System Integration

Integrate TotalAgility Cloud securely and efficiently to other on-premise and cloud-based systems, through a single proxy server.

Certified Security and Reliability

Protect sensitive information and ensure business continuity by leveraging Azure’s cloud infrastructure, which provides a secure and scalable environment with high availability and automatic load balancing.

Multiple Deployment Options

Choose a dedicated instance Azure hosted SaaS subscription offering to address concerns that may be associated with a multi-tenant environment.

Subscription-based Pricing

Avoid long-term commitment with a simple, all-inclusive subscription that includes bandwidth and storage.