Kofax TotalAgility: Applications

Kofax TotalAgility

Kofax TotalAgility® addresses the smart process application needs of line of business and IT managers who want to better meet the demands of their customers, without having to modify their systems of record. TotalAgility Applications include:

Financial Services

Customer onboarding, transitioning or account openings, investment account transfers, mortgage and loan applications, capture of trailing documents in any financial process.


New customer onboarding or new policy applications, policy quotes, claim submissions and management, capture of trailing policy or claim-related documents.


New patient onboarding, claim submissions, explanation of benefits, capture of essential patient and provider documents.


Citizen benefit enrollments, claim submissions, license and permit applications and renewals, capture of trailing documents needed in government processes.

Supply Chain

Accounts payable automation (invoices, purchase requisitions, receiving documents), orders, proof of delivery, waybills and airbills.

Other Verticals

Construction—stage of completion for loan funding; Energy—real-time production site reports; Telecom—new customer onboarding or account openings.