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Ready to Empower Your Customers with Mobile? Start Here.

By 2020, smartphone penetration is expected to surpass 90%. Your challenge is to ensure your business model aligns with your customers’ demands for anytime, anywhere mobile engagement.

What is Mobile Capture? Mobile capture allows your customers to harness the power of the camera on their mobile device to perform a wide range of imaging tasks — such as snapping a photo of a driver’s license to open a new account, or paying bills by capturing data from a bill, and much more.

Mobile capture simplifies business transactions and promotes customer self-service. The result is faster processes, increased accuracy and greater customer satisfaction.

Ready to put mobile capture to work in your organization? Let’s get started.

Mobile Capture

Empower your customers to self-serve in a variety of applications such as customer onboarding, bill pay, remote capture and deposit, credit/debit card funding and payments, and mortgage origination—all from the same platform. Patented image processing and on-device OCR (optical character recognition) technologies automatically capture, extract, and validate content from paper documents, eliminate the need to enter information manually, and provide your customers with a fast, easy, frictionless experience.

Mobile ID Verification and Facial Recognition

Automatically extract and validate information and identification to open accounts, process loan applications, onboard customers and employees, and more. Mobile verification and facial recognition capabilities and 100% automated advanced forensic technology ensure process integrity and a smooth user experience.

Mobile Capture

Deploy any mobile capture use case from a single, open platform, and engage customers anytime, anywhere.