Kofax SignDoc: Use Cases

Paperless signing―trustworthy, secure and convenient

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Customer Onboarding in Banking

One of the top ranking worldwide banks, headquartered in the United States, chose Kofax’s mobile electronic signature software. Using the Kofax SignDoc SDK, this large financial institution seamlessly integrated e-signing capabilities within its core platform. Today, agents use a mobile device to capture a customer’s e-signature during the account opening process in-branch, offering a more pleasant experience and uncluttered desktop.

Customer Onboarding in Insurance

The AIA Group is the leading provider for life insurance in Asia Pacific. Today 30,000 AIA in-field agents in 11 countries sign paperless on their iPads using SignDoc. Completing applications with electronic signatures is an essential cornerstone of their interactive Point of Sales (iPoS) a tablet-based sales suite also including financial needs analysis, the ability to obtain quotations, and make payments.

Service Subscription of Telecommunication Services

One of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications service providers, headquartered in the Middle East, started paperless signing in its retail outlets leveraging SignDoc in 2016. Applications for the provider's service subscriptions are e-signed in-store and in-field with handwritten signatures on tablets. The solution also leverages capture and analytics capabilities of the Kofax Total Agility platform.

Consumer Loan Origination in Retail Financing

Cetelem is the consumer lending division of the BNP Paribas Group, and the leading provider of consumer loans in Europe. Cetelem Slovakia’s solution for paperless signing on tablets is powered by SignDoc. Biometric signals of handwritten signatures are captured for additional evidential weight of e-signed documents. One of Kofax’s partners leveraged the SDK to integrate these capabilities into their document workflow solution and combined it with additional security features.