Kofax SignDoc SDK

Transform the customer experience with a digital process that accelerates workflows, reduces costs and detects fraud


The Kofax SignDoc® SDK enables you to tightly integrate the e-signature and signature verification functionality with your corporate applications or business processes. It turns your web applications, rich-client applications or Adobe Live Cycle environments into systems of engagements to electronically handle signature-driven processes with a more pleasant user experience.

The SDK provides trustworthy signature capabilities including the ability to capture biometric data such as stroke, speed and pressure levels, and compares those signature characteristics against a reference signature. It delivers the same level of security and legal enforcement in e-signing that is provided in Kofax SignDoc applications. It also includes the ability to e-sign documents such as PDF or TIFF with a handwritten e-signature or click-to-sign. Kofax SignDoc SDK supports a variety of signature capture options, including mobile, signature pads and Tablet PCs.

The software development kit works with the most common platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, winRTx86 and winRTx64.