Kofax SignDoc

Paperless signing―trustworthy, secure and convenient

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Leading organizations in banking, insurance, retail and many other industries worldwide now use the Kofax SignDoc® electronic signature family of products to reduce their operational costs, speed time to closure, improve customer satisfaction, stay compliant and operate securely. Moving away from wet-ink signature processes to electronic signatures helps organizations achieve these performance goals, and has become an integral part of Digital Transformation initiatives.

With SignDoc, your customers, employees and business partners all reap the benefits of trustworthy, secure and convenient paperless signing every day whether signing in-person or online.

SignDoc can be integrated into various business processes and environments throughout your organization, including signing orchestration workflow, web-based middleware, desktop client, plug-in or SDK. SignDoc is available as a standalone solution or as part of the broader Kofax TotalAgility® platform, which may be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

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Reduce Operational Costs

Decrease paper usage in your signing processes. Go digital end-to-end, and completely paperless by replacing wet-ink signing and print-ship-scan procedures with digital signatures.

Speed Time to Closure

Cut time needed to complete contracts or approvals from days to minutes.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Transform your customer experience using the communications channel of their choice― enable them to sign on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Stay Compliant

Improve compliance to legal requirements such as US ESIGN Act and EU eIDAS Regulation and help avoid litigation by providing a traceable, end-to-end audit trail of all process steps and transactions.

Operate Securely

Mitigate risk of external or internal fraud attempts by adding additional layers of trust, leveraging multi-factor authentication, digital certificates and signature biometrics.