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Counterfeit Check Detection To Reduce Your Risk in Real Time

Image-based counterfeit check detection software that can quickly assess fraud to mitigate your exposure.


Counterfeit Check Detection for Financial Institutions

Ordinary check clearing alternatives only verify legal and courtesy check amount limits with low risk scores and can return false positives. Kofax FraudOne® software improves counterfeit check detection by using a unique fraud scoring engine that can be combined with other verification engines to more accurately detect complex fraud schemes.

Minimize Exposure through Flexible Fraud Detection Methods

Minimize exposure

Leverage flexible fraud detection methods at the point of capture and in-clearing as transaction options evolve, like mobile deposit.

Reduce Costly Manual Inspections of False Positives

Reduce costly manual inspections

Decrease time-consuming manual inspections of false positives with a solution that distinguishes between suspect items and valid items.


Why Customers Choose FraudOne

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Improves customer service and loyalty

Increase customer confidence with protections against signature forgery, check alteration and fraudulent discrepancies.

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Enhances productivity 

Identify more suspect checks in less time and inspect all checks rather than just high-value amounts with better accuracy. 

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Provides insight into fraud detection and prevention 

Assess fraud threat with counterfeit check detection metrics using pre-built reporting dashboards. Enhance standard reports or create unique dashboards for customized analytics.


How FraudOne Can Help

Combined Risk Score Engine

Leverages a powerful, continually updated database that stores reference signatures and check stock images, as well as additional account information.

Customized to Your  Requirements

Build rule sets or add a variety of verification engine options to detect pre-authorized drafts, payee line and date line verification.

Enterprise Systems Integration

For improved fraud detection and prevention, utilize any number of external inputs to enhance the combined risk score result.

Implementation Options

Implement automatic check fraud detection for mobile devices, image- enabled ATMs or teller deposits of in-house checks.

E-signature Capture

Capture and populate your signature reference database with Kofax SignDoc® and refresh the database with handwritten signatures captured on tablets at the teller.

Reporting Dashboards

Access pre-built dashboards or reports to create unique dashboards that feature a full implementation of Kofax Insight™.

Use Cases
Embossed chipped credit card lying on silver keyboard closeup. Retail sale funds savings atm stash debt visa bankcard customer security pin code management trade earn investment discount concept
  • Counterfeit Check Detection - Combat counterfeit checks through a sophisticated fraud scoring engine that accurately detects complex fraud schemes while minimizing labor intensive and time-consuming manual inspections.
  • Signature Forgery - Protect against signature forgery by using several verification engines resulting in a more robust combined risk score that evaluates dozens of signature irregularities and variances that indicate fraud.
  • Check Alteration - Identify discrepancies on a check between the amounts entered in numbers (courtesy amount) and the amount written in the print line (legal amount), known as CAR/LAR mismatch.

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