Invoice Automation

Invoice automation is being used by thousands of cost-conscious and effective organizations around the world.

Through invoice automation and scanning, these organizations can:

  • Increase efficiency in their invoice processing.
  • Decrease costs for invoice processing.
  • Get a highly automated accounts payable process which speeds up payment times.
  • Send and receive E-invoices to become even more automated

Invoice automation - economical and ecological

Invoice automation and scanning will not only affect your bottom line, it will also spare the environment by using less paper and transports. If you start using e-invoicing, you will reduce even more waste.

Invoice automation, e- invoicing, and scanning - How it works

Invoice automation requires all information to be digitized. Through scanning, paper invoices are turned into a digital image from which the invoice automation software can extract information.

Through e-invoicing, you can also receive electronic invoices, straight into the invoice processing software (or send E-invoices to your customers).

The invoice automation software matches the invoice information against a purchase order in your ERPsystem. If there is a complete match, the invoice is posted for payment in a fully automated process. If no purchase order exists, it is routed to the correct person for further processing.

Invoice automation makes it possible for you to follow and track your invoice processing. You can spot bottlenecks early and get a complete audit trail of your automated process (enabling compliance with legislation such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act)

Invoice automation, scanning, and e-invoicing - the benefits

  • Invoice automation is faster and less expensive than manual handling.
  • Invoice automation will give you better control over your AP cycle.
  • Invoice automation will give your staff time to focus on productive tasks.
  • Scanning will make all your documents digital for easy search and retrieval.
  • E-invoicing will speed up your invoice processing even further (since all invoices arrive in perfect, electronic format.)

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