ReadSoft Supplier Portal for SAP

A Self-Service Supplier Portal that Frees up Your Valuable Time

Have you received our invoice? When can we expect to be paid? What is the status of our invoice?” These are questions your organization probably receives every day. And since good relationships with suppliers are important for your business, you need to make sure to provide timely and accurate answers.

Responding to supplier enquiries by e-mail or phone is time-consuming. But what if your suppliers could find answers to all their questions online?

With Kofax’s web portal, suppliers simply log in to check the status of their invoices. You control which suppliers can access the portal and what they can see. It doesn’t matter how your suppliers send in their invoices (paper, fax, e-mail, EDI or through the portal itself), all invoices can be presented together with current status information.

If a supplier wants to change the payment conditions, they can do so online. The supplier gets the payment faster, and you can benefit from a higher discount.

You can even allow suppliers to enter the entire invoice using the portal, ensuring swift and smooth processing.

Suitable for you if:

You work in accounts payable and want to boost your invoice processing and improve supplier relations.

Technical Capabilities

  • Allows suppliers to view the status of invoices, including process and payment details
  • Enables electronic invoice submission
  • Allows for purchase order flip (suppliers can turn an issued purchase order into an invoice with a simple click of the mouse)
  • Allows suppliers to add notes and attachments to an existing invoice
  • Offers fast payment and dynamic discounting capabilities

Business System Integration

Supplier portal is part of our suite of invoice processing solutions and can adopted stand-alone or in conjunction with our other products. It works seamlessly with virtually any ERP.

Reduce Supplier Inquiries

Avoid having suppliers call to ask where invoices are in the process.

Improve Supplier Relations

Suppliers will feel more informed on what is happening with their invoices and when they will be paid.

Profit from Better Discounts

With improved supplier service, you can negotiate better discounts. You also can offer dynamic discounting to profit from even higher discounts.