Kofax MarkView for AP

Automate invoice processing, streamline approval cycles and significantly reduce AP processing costs

Kofax MarkView for AP

Kofax MarkView® for AP (MarkView) automates the AP operations of hundreds of major organizations using Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to significantly reduce cycle times and costs while optimizing process control and cash flow management. The solution provides industry-leading information capture and automates invoice processing and data entry. It includes best practice workflows for discrepancy processing, resolution and accounting details as well as real-time ERP integration for Oracle E-Business Suite, a self-service supplier portal and comprehensive end to end analytics.

With MarkView, smartphones and tablets are integrated so users can manage AP processes from virtually anywhere. Users both inside and outside the enterprise have highly secure access to the information required to process invoices.

Leverage Oracle EBS Investments

Kofax MarkView for AP leverages the full power of Oracle investments by streamlining and automating the business processes that interact with these powerful ERP systems. Best practice workflows eliminate unnecessary steps and optimize processing by all participants. MarkView's real-time ERP system integration provides a compelling return on investment with a rapid payback and has dramatically improved the financial business processes of the world's leading organizations.

Integrate People and Processes

Get real time integration with Oracle E-Business Suite to create a single business process for all media types (paper, fax, EDI, e-Invoicing, etc.) while streamlining approval processes. 

Reduce Cycle Times

Prompt payments enable early payment discounts, eliminate late fees and reduce duplicate payments caused by suppliers resending overdue invoices.

Eliminate Lost or Misfiled Documents

Capture invoices online so they never get lost or misfiled. The need to copy, fax and resend invoices is eliminated.

Enable Mobile Access

Integrate Kofax Mobile Capture™ for anywhere, anytime access and faster invoice and receipt processing while extending AP’s internal controls to mobile devices.

Improve Productivity

Reduced AP invoice preparation, automated approval cycles and faster back office processing times all contribute to increased efficiency and greater supplier satisfaction.

Reduce Document Transport Costs

MarkView AP workflow automation reduces processing times by eliminating the need to physically mail or ship invoices for review and approval.