Accounts Receivable

Reduce order to cash cycle and DSO


Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), and Keep Your Customers Happy

If you are using manual processes for document management in accounts receivable, it can be difficult to get a complete picture of your organization’s financials. High amounts of unallocated cash and open items make it hard to close month-end financial documents, consume valuable amounts of staff time to resolve, and can ultimately impact customer satisfaction.

The beauty of our accounts receivable solution is that it reduces the amount of unallocated cash and open items that your AR department has on account. We automate the process of matching remittance information with customer invoices, which in turn enables accounts receivable management to see increases in efficiency and customers to enjoy improved service.

Accounts receivable automation streamlines the process and makes important data more visible

With Kofax’s accounts receivable solution, payment receipts are automatically captured as they arrive from various sources, providing you with real-time visibility of all receipts in process. This enables payments to be immediately applied to the correct invoices and quickly reconciled with customer billings in your financial system. As a result, month-, quarter, and year-end closing go more smoothly.

Key Features and Benefits of our Accounts Receivable Automation Solution

  • Reduces manual work and errors by automating data capture, cash application, and exception handling
  • Reduces AR costs by eliminating data entry or bank fees
  • Reduces amount of unallocated payments and open items
  • Decreases days sales outstanding
  • Handles incoming remittance advices from multiple sources: lockboxes, email, EDI
  • Improves accuracy of cash application and reduces rework
  • Provides complete visibility of process and an audit trail
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Seamless integration with existing financial systems

Access O2C documentation directly from your ERP system

Smooth integration with existing financial systems gives users single-click access to related AR order and remittance documentation directly from financial applications. Because your staff can work within a familiar environment, user adoption is fast and painless. Learn more about integration with your ERP.


Intuitively capture content and manage all critical financial processes

Speed Invoice Processing

Eliminate costly manual steps in the accounts receivable process, by automating human driven activities and data processing steps that are causing lengthy cash collection delays.

Improve Accuracy

Issue accurate invoices the first time out and give managers the information they need to make fact-based decisions to deal with disputed and delinquent accounts.

Take a proactive approach to collections

Kapow automatically acquires and delivers the information collections managers need to proactively identify, prioritize, and implement collections strategies to target the most delinquent accounts.

Eliminate the Need for Costly IT Development

With Kapow you can eliminate manual activities to enhance your AR processes by automatically running complex integrations and access disparate resources without the need for costly coding.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Automate repetitive activities like keying data into different systems to shorten processing time while increasing data accuracy.