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Transform Document and Print-Centric Workflows With Intelligent Automation

Discover a smarter way to process any document and manage print workflows.


Discover a Smarter Way to Process Any Document

Organizations that work like tomorrow employ cognitive capture to intelligently automate the acquisition, understanding and integration of all types of information across an organization, including unstructured data in business documents and emails. Through intelligent document processing, which combines multichannel document capture and intelligent OCR, users have the power to quickly and accurately process any document.
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Unlock document value through market-leading capture 

Apply out-of-the-box AI to convert unstructured data from documents into structured data that can be used to drive process improvement and business intelligence.

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Transform workflows and accelerate business outcomes​

Empower your organization to automate workflows with content-aware capture and print technologies and by applying workflow orchestration.

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Reduce compliance risk and boost security

Add document security controls and ensure compliance by applying consistent content-based business rules and data protection policies.

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Achieve greater business outcomes

Manage and optimize document and data capture tasks to enable lower operational costs and improved customer engagement.


Use AI to Turn Documents and Data Into Savings and Simplicity

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A single platform for your print and capture needs 

A fully-integrated suite for capturing and processing structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents, helping you realize a new level of efficiency in your document capture processes and avoid costly integrations.

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 Scale information capture

Automate and accelerate business processes with a powerful, flexible platform that provides a standard and consistent process for securely capturing all types of information and is scalable across the organization.

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Maximize security​

Ensure compliance and information governance in your data workflows. Ensure communication protocols, use advanced information protection such as watermarking and maintain a chain of custody.


Capture & Print Solutions

Modernize slow, manual, error-prone or expensive processes related to processing documents and electronic data.
Case Studies

What's Your Tomorrow?

Delta Dental of Colorado
For the first time, we can track data and processes across the entire document lifecycle, and have access to a host of dashboards and metrics.
Heather Magic
Director of Group and Individual Administration
p&n bank
We now have a virtual workforce working alongside our teams, handling repetitive tasks far faster than a human ever could. This has helped us to save thousands of hours of work annually across the back office and sped up process times significantly.
Jill Marks
General Manager of Business Transformation
South African Bank
We have built our success on being there for our customers at every stage in their financial journey, and investing in innovative services like the mobile onboarding app help us to continue delivering experiences that improve people’s lives.
South African Bank
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