Kofax Analytics for MarkView

Uncover previously inaccessible insights, quickly address critical issues and improve controls for optimized invoice processing


Kofax Analytics for MarkView® provides pre-built, best-practice dashboards and reports for a level of insight into invoice activity and control that was previously unattainable. This analytics solution gives users the ability to quickly optimize their invoice processing. And critical issues that could lead to operational problems or missed opportunities if left unchecked are addressed by rapid and accurate discovery capabilities. By uncovering these previously inaccessible insights, organizations can proactively improve their operational efficiency and mitigate the risks of non-compliant operational processes.

Visualize End-to-End AP Processes

Get a unified view of invoices in capture, MarkView, Oracle EBS and posted for payment. Analyze all completed and ongoing processes to make timely and accurate decisions.

Quickly Review Key Metrics

Know the status of user workloads, invoice queues, past due invoices, errors, duplicate invoices, and extraction quality and promptly respond to changes.

Investigate Invoice Activity

Search end-to-end invoice data by organizational unit, date, supplier, PO, status and more.

Effectively Manage Cash

Review invoices coming due, discount opportunities, submit to pay status and overall payment performance.

Measure Quality of Service

Evaluate extraction confidence to determine next steps for improved learning.

Assess Productivity Targets

Evaluate user activity levels over time for handling, data entry, coding and validation.