Kofax Technology Alliance Program

Market your technology to help Kofax customers enhance their business solutions

The Kofax Technology Alliance Program (TAP) promotes third party value-add technologies that extend the coverage of Kofax document driven business process solutions to meet specific business requirements and market segments. TAP offers participants a variety of marketing, training and support benefits. Participating companies include independent software vendors, hardware manufacturers, Kofax resellers and strategic application and software vendors who provide best-of-breed technology that can be integrated with Kofax products. Solutions include applications that provide value add to the capture, customization, delivery and transformation of information across the enterprise.

Kofax TAP Solutions and Applications

Kofax collaborates with complementary software, hardware, consulting and reseller companies to deliver the most comprehensive document-driven process automation solutions. TAP solutions include technology applications that provide the following technologies:


Technology that simplifies or improves the acquisition of data from scanners, multi-function peripherals, fax machines or servers and a variety of other devices.


Technology that enhances and extends the capabilities of Kofax products to meet specific validation, reporting or other business needs. TAP solutions are often Capture workflow agents to control processing, priority and routing or Kofax Capture custom panels to integrate new or external features.


Technology that enables or simplifies the integration of Kofax products with a content management system, database, or other enterprise information system or line of business application.


Technology that enhances or extends classification, extraction and validation; enabling recognition, forms or other document-specific processing or conversion of document formats. TAP solutions are often Kofax Transformation Modules knowledgebases; redaction, annotation and security features, and file conversion tools.


Technology that embeds Kofax technologies into products, solution platforms, workflows and practices. TAP solutions typically leverage Kofax technologies as a tool inside other solution packages.

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For assistance with the Kofax Technology Alliance Program, please email tap@kofax.com.

TAP Program Participation

If your company has a software solution or hardware product that complements or integrates with a Kofax technology, you are encouraged to submit a Kofax TAP inquiry form today. Program evaluation is based on TAP solution alignment, core technology offering and competencies.

Kofax Technology Alliance Program Application

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For additional information on TAP Program participation, please e-mail.

Sales Engineering Support

Access specialized TAP sales engineering support for architecture, product integration and next-step solutions guidance.

Training Discounts

Kofax offers a variety of training options that are designed to enhance product knowledge, meet certification requirements and accelerate customer ROI.

Access Kofax Online Program Resources

Gain online access to a comprehensive collection of essential sales tools, product launch and technical resources, to support successful development initiatives and customer engagements.

Participate in Kofax Marketing Events and Promotions

Kofax hosts a variety of marketing events and initiatives on a regional basis, including conferences, product road shows and launches to which eligible TAP participants may be invited to attend or participate.

Qualify for Referral Fees

TAP participants can earn a referral fee for qualified net new lead opportunities that result in the sale of Kofax software licenses.