Kofax Global Partner Program

Get the collaborative resources and support you need to win new business and expand your opportunities

The Global Partner Program offers a variety of enablement benefits, marketing resources, sales tools, support and training. Program benefits are structured to complement specific program achievement tiers and are designed to help partners successfully take products and services to market.

Offering a strategic approach to partnering, Kofax builds relationships that complement the company's business strategies and provide maximum value to customers worldwide. The Kofax Global Partner Program is an extension of this strategy and is designed to help partners win business in new markets, expand opportunities in existing ones, and most important, provide exceptional ROI to customers.

The Global Partner Program offers a variety of enablement benefits, marketing resources, sales tools and training to support different business models and program achievement tiers.

The Kofax Global Partner Program Consists of Four Tiers; Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver

Kofax offers a tiered program structure with benefits that increase as partners increase their revenue commitment, product knowledge and technical expertise. Program requirements are structured to recognize a partner’s investment in and contribution to delivering solutions that drive joint success. The higher the partnership tier, the greater the combined commitment and collaborative resources to achieve and sustain the partnership momentum.

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Product Discounts

Kofax partners are eligible for product discounts that increase by program tier and participation.

Deal Registration

The Kofax Deal Registration Program defines a process for managing and protecting prospect opportunities that are generated by a partner.

Kofax Marketing Events and Promotions

Kofax hosts a variety of marketing events and including conferences, road shows, launches and webinars that partners may be invited to attend or participate.

No Charge Training Vouchers

Select partners receive complimentary training vouchers that can be used for Kofax technical training courses or applied to Kofax computer-based (CBT) certification courses.

Not-for-Resale Software

Not-for-Resale Software is issued to partners for use at partner training facilities, briefing centers and to demonstrate product functionality to prospects and customers.