Kofax Mobile ID

Automatically extract and validate information and documents such as driver licenses, passports and international IDs to open accounts, onboard customers and employees, and more.

Kofax Mobile ID

Offer Fast, Frictionless Mobile Onboarding

Onboard and verify more customers faster with instant application prefill and forensic authentication services. In your pursuit of solutions that satisfy the market’s growing expectation of simplicity and convenience, consider this: you can now offer a customer onboarding process as quick and simple as asking your customers to take a picture of their ID with the mobile device in the palm of their hand. What once took hours of paperwork and manual intervention can now be done in about 10 seconds. No pen, no paper, and a fast and frictionless customer onboarding experience.

With Kofax Mobile ID™, you have three capability levels to build your customer experience and ensure integrity of the process:
  • ID capture for frictionless form prefill for quick and efficient onboarding
  • ID verification to determine if the ID is real and unaltered
  • Facial recognition to ensure applicant in possession is the owner of the ID

Kofax Mobile ID, ID verification and facial recognition work together to ensure compliance with regulations such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and to curtail many types of fraud. For example, a criminal could steal a smartphone or hack into a mobile account with the intent of transferring money, but they will be stopped cold if facial recognition is used as a second factor of identity verification. This 100% automated technology can also be used to eliminate social security and other types of government benefits fraud.

How it works

  1. The applicant takes an image of the ID with their mobile phone, and scanning software extracts the data to prefill the form. Data can be extracted either on the server or on the device with our on-device OCR technology.
  2. An image of the ID is sent to the verification server in parallel, and our verification technology determines if the ID is real or fake. If the ID is verified as real, the applicant is asked to take a live picture of their face, and the facial recognition engine compares their live picture to the picture on their ID.
  3. If the two images match, the applicant can move forward with the onboarding process. If ID verification or facial recognition fail, the applicant is not automatically approved and is usually asked to take further steps or provide additional documentation to proceed.

The Kofax Advantage
Unlike point solutions, Kofax provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that enable you to optimize your customers’ experience and expand into new use cases without having to invest in new technology.

In addition to Mobile ID for onboarding, Kofax has pre-built solutions for:

  • Enrolling customers for automatic bill payments
  • Credit card balance transfer
  • Payment card extraction to fund a new account or pay for goods or services
  • Enabling customers to deposit checks

The Kofax suite of onboarding technologies includes everything you need to turn unknown applicants into trusted customers in a single mobile session. Since all Kofax solutions are developed to on the same platform, you can be assured that they work together. Custom data extraction projects are also supported, allowing you to develop custom solutions to better service your customers and retain your intellectual property.

Kofax gets you to market quickly and helps you onboard more customers faster. It grows with your business at your pace, allowing you to lead with a frictionless mobile onboarding solution that provides a great customer experience, and also digitize your business in stages, when it is convenient for you.

Easily Onboard Customers

Your customers can initiate the entire process via their mobile device by taking a photo of their ID document(s) and, for a greater level of security, taking a selfie.

Reduce Costs and Resources

The Kofax single-platform solution delivers true efficiencies. Data is extracted automatically, eliminating the need for manual entry by the user or back office resources that would be tasked with manual data entry to get the required data.

Generate Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Kofax optical character recognition (OCR) software understands the content it captures and automatically populates the app for the customer, enhancing the user experience.

Extend to New Processes

Simplify and accelerate information-intensive processes such as mobile deposit, new account openings, bill pay and more.

Engage Customers Quickly and Automatically

Improve response time to customers by getting accurate results back to them in near real-time. Confidence breeds brand loyalty.

Leverage Better Data Quality

Since high-quality images are created by Kofax Mobile Capture technology, documents are captured correctly the first time with the fastest, most complete and most accurate solution available.