Kofax Mobile Deposit Capture

Enable customers to quickly and accurately capture and deposit checks with a smartphone

The Kofax Mobile Deposit Capture™ solution provides a seamless and frictionless check capture experience. Our proven technology helps customers who are new to mobile banking capture a high quality image the first time, and every time thereafter. The customer simply holds their mobile phone camera over the check and the Kofax Mobile Capture SDK automatically captures the check image. Our patented Virtual ReScan (VRS) image perfection technology optimizes the image for superior data extraction accuracy, and ensures it meets Check 21 image quality standards.

Mobile check deposit is an important feature of a banking app, and a superior check capture experience means delighted mobile banking customers, which translates into higher app store ratings along with positive user reviews. In addition to delighting mobile customers, our powerful mobile imaging technology reduces the number of images that are flagged for manual review, which saves banks money.

By leveraging the proven Kofax Mobile Capture™ Platform, banks can automate and accelerate processes. In addition to Mobile Deposit Capture, Kofax offers Mobile ID for frictionless customer onboarding, Mobile Bill Pay for setting up a recurring or one-time bill payment, and payment card capture to fund a new account. Our flexible platform also provides tools that enable banks to develop custom extraction projects and keep their IP. All of these capabilities are supported by a single, flexible platform.

SDK and Frameworks

Kofax mobile frameworks are open, out-of-the-box configurations that can be modified and extended based on specific application needs. Part of the Kofax Mobile Capture™ Platform, the Kofax Capture Mobile SDK™ provides mobile integration with Kofax real-time capture, content extraction and validation, process management and analytics capabilities. Together, they provide powerful mobile capabilities and interactive control over extracting information from images, videos, bar codes and more—from apps on both iOS and Android devices. With them, mobile apps can quickly and easily be enhanced with powerful functionality for processes such as mobile deposit, mobile bill pay, capturing information from driver licenses for identity verification, and more.

By turning mobile devices into powerful information capture devices, Kofax extends business processes to the Point of Origination™—when and where the information is first available—so latency is minimized and customers are empowered with the ability to self-serve. This enables organizations to gain greater visibility into the process while extending capabilities to the customer. Businesses are therefore better engaged with customers and “meet them where they are” to accelerate transactions, improve processes and drive revenue.

Accurate Capture of Checks

Patented Kofax software ensures the accurate capture of checks, resulting in a better user experience.

Extend to New Processes

Simplify and accelerate information-intensive processes such as mobile deposit, new account openings, driver license extraction and more.

Engage in Real-time

Get results back to them in near real-time; develop brand loyalty and confidence from customers, now that they’re engaged.

Reduce Costs and Resources

Data is extracted automatically, eliminating the need for back office resources that would be tasked with manual data entry to get the required data.

Customize and Personalize

Leverage the openness of the Kofax platform, to customize and personalize the user experience and context.